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Items in red type are very recent additions to stock


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The following volumes are internally good with general title-page and index, unless stated:

1894 Vol.14 New dark maroon cloth. Without title-page and index. £120

1895. Vol.15. Old blue cloth, splits to joints, covers worn. Contents good. A few stamps of Wellington Chess Club.£75

1904. Vol.24. Old mauve cloth, stained. Title-page and 6 leaves lacking and provided in facsimile. A few plates lacking.£30

1911 Vol.31 New dark maroon cloth. Waterstain to lower page corners o/w G. £100

1925 Vol.45 Maroon cloth, gilt lettered, slight crease on spine o/w VG. £70

1927 Vol.47 Maroon half leather, gilt spine, very nice. £80

1928 Vol.48 Plain dark blue cloth, G. £60

1930 Vol.50 Dark green half leather, gilt spine, VG. Includes c.50 page Supplement on the 1930 Nice tournament at end. £75

1931 Vol.51 Maroon cloth, VG. £60

1933 Vol.53 Blue cloth, a little marked o/w VG. £55

1935 Vol.55 Purple cloth. VG. £50

1936 Vol.56 Dark green half leather, gilt, spine rubbed, G. £60

1936 Vol.56 Plain blue cloth. G. £45

1941 Vol.61 Dark maroon cloth, spine sunned o/w VG.Scarce war year. £60

1941 Vol.61 Dark blue buckram, VG.Scarce war year. £60

1941 Vol.61 Black cloth, G. £50

1943 Vol.63 Recent maroon cloth. VG. Magazine covers bound in. Paper yellowed as usual.Scarce war year. £60

1946 Vol.66 January to June issues only. Plain blue cloth. Paper yellowed, marginal tape repair on two pages. £15

1947 Vol.67 Black cloth, title-page torn at edge o/w VG. £45

1951 Vol.71 Blue cloth spine, VG. No index, but includes magazine covers, and a 64 page supplement of the Staunton Centenary Tournament won by Gligoric. £40

1964 Vol.84 G. Waterstain to two corners. £20

1967 Vol 87 Maroon cloth, VG, thin paper issue, magazine covers bound in. £30

1968 Vol.88 Maroon cloth, VG. £30

1968 Vol.88 Maroon cloth, VG. With magazine covers bound in. £30

1969 Vol.89 Maroon cloth, VG. With magazine covers bound in. £30

1973 Vol.93 Maroon cloth, slight speckling to covers o/w VG. £20

1974 Vol.94 Maroon cloth, spine mostly torn off with loss, contents VG. £10

1976 Vol.96 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1977 Vol.97 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1978 Vol.98 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1980 Vol.100 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1981 Vol.101 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1982 Vol.102 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1983 Vol.103 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1984 Vol.104 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1985 Vol.105 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1986 Vol.106 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1987 Vol.107 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1988 Vol.108 Maroon cloth, VG. £20

1994 Vol.114 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. £25

1995 Vol.115 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in.  £25

1996 Vol.116 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in.  £25

1997 Vol.117 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. 2 pages partly stuck together due to damp. £25

2003 Vol.123 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. £35

2004 Vol.124 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. £35

2006 Vol.126 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. £35

2007 Vol.127 Maroon cloth, VG. Magazine covers bound in. £35



COMPLETE VOLUMES IN MAROON “CORDEX” BINDERS. Spines lettered “British Chess Magazine” but no date or vol no. Very good condition. With magazine covers and indexes.

1978  Vol.98 (without February issue, with index but not magazine covers.) £10

1982  Vol.102  (with magazine covers, no index.)  £12

1986  Vol.106  (with magazine covers, no index.)  £12


UNBOUND VOLUMES. (Complete loose issues, very good, with index unless stated.) 12 issues each year.

1984 Vol.104 £12

1985 Vol.105 £12

1988 Vol.108 £12

1990 Vol.110  £14 (no index)

1996 Vol.116  £14

1997 Vol.117  £14



The following at £2.00 each issue:

1966 June

1969 Sep.

1983 Aug,Sep,Oct

1986 Jan,Feb,Mar,June,July

1987 Jan,Feb,Dec

1989 Aug, Oct (some pen notes.)

1990 Dec

1991 Mar, May, July, Sep, Nov

1992 Mar, May, July, Sep,Oct (2),Nov,Dec (2).

1993 May, Aug,

1995 July.

1996 March.

1998 Oct.

The following at £3.00 per issue:

2006 Aug, Oct, Dec

2008 Apr,May,Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct,Nov.

2009 Jan. Feb, Aug, Sep, Dec.

2010 Jan, Apr, May, Jun, July.

2011 Apr, May

2012 May





All the following in the usual brown cloth, very good, with index unless stated. Volumes up to No.19 are larger size.

1946 calendar year Jan-Dec, with index for vol.11. G. £45

1947 calendar year Jan-Dec. No index. G. £45

Vol.16  1950-51. Spine spotted and lettering faded o/w G. £35

Vol.39 (1973/4) £14

Vol.42 (1976/7) club stamp on endpaper, front cover corner crease o/w G. £10


UNBOUND VOLUMES (Complete loose issues, no indexes. Very good condition unless stated.)

Vol.12 (1946-47) the magazine covers have been removed but retained, and staples also removed. Advert pages also included. Condition is VG. £25

Vol.14 1948-49. Slight centre fold to pages o/w VG. £25

Vol.30 (1964-65) Missing Nos.477-8,  £12

Vol.31 (1965-66) Missing Nos.494, 508-14. £8

Vol.35 (1969-70) but  lacking issue 587-88. £12

Vol.40 (1974-75)  £10

Vol.41 (1975-76)  £10

Vol.42 (1976-77)  £10

Vol.44 (1978-79) £10

Vol.47 (1982-83) lacking issues 877-78, 879-80, one issue missing 4 pages. £6

Vol.48 (1983-84) £10

Vol.52 (1987-88) £12

From Volume 53 the title changed to “Chess Monthly” and a large format magazine.

Each set of 12 issues in VG condition.

Vol.55  Apr.1990 – Mar.1991  In red binder. One issue with waterstaining. Index. £20

Vol.78 Apr.2013 – Mar.2014 £30


The Chess Amateur.

Vol.17. Jan 1923 – Sep 1923. 9 issues (lacking Oct-Dec 1922). Original printed covers. VG, apart from rusty staples.  £50

Vol.19. Oct 1924 – Sep 1925. 12 issues. Original printed covers. VG, apart from rusty staples.  £75


The Year Book of Chess. Edited by E.A.Michell/ M.W.Stevens/ W.H.Watts & A.W.Foster. Each volume covers the leading events of the previous year in detail, with results, many selected annotated games, statistics, problem section, chess club directory in some vols, game and opening indexes etc.. These Year Books are quite sought-after and sometimes sell for high prices on ebay. 


1909. red cloth, spine faded, marked, one joint split. Includes club directory. £20

1910. red cloth, old Hastings CC label on front, inner hinges split. Last ten pages torn or lacking and provided in photocopy. Includes club directory. £20

1913. red cloth, spine faded/marked o/w G. Includes club directory. £25

1914. red cloth, some staining and cover marking o/w G. £20.00

1915 & 1916. red cloth, spine darkened o/w G. £25





1933    - 41st Year. Original olive brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £40

1937 – 45th Year. Original olive brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £40

1938 – 46th Year. Original olive brown cloth, gilt letter faded, G. £40

1939 – 47th Year. Original olive brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £40

1940 – 48th Year. Bound old black and green cloth boards, spine worn, front inner hinge split, paper yellowing. Scarce war year. £40

1942 – 50th Year. Blue cloth-backed boards, gilt lettered, magazine covers bound in, no index  (has index for 1941.) VG. Scarce war year. £40

1947 – 55th Year. Original orange cloth, gilt lettered, spine little faded, G. Paper yellowed. £30

1949-50 – 57th Year. Jan 1949 to Aug 1950 (No.1-20.) Original brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. Paper somewhat yellowed. £30

1951-52 – 59th Year. Jan 1951 to Aug 1952. Original brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £30

1952-53 – 60th Year. Original brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £30

1953-54 – 61st Year. Original brown cloth, gilt lettered, VG. £30



Di Felice (G.): Chess Periodicals. An Annotated International Bibliography, 1836-2008. McFarland, US 2010. Large p/b. 349pp. A comprehensive reference work containing 3163 entries and many cross-references. Information for each entry includes year and country of publication, frequency, publisher, editors, subject, language, alternate titles, holdings in chess libraries. Part 1 is Magazines, Bulletins, Newsletters; Part 2 Miscellaneous Publications such as Yearbooks, Handbooks, Almanacs, Calendars, Directories etc. Includes general index of periodical titles and index by country.  £35.00


AMERICAN CHESS BULLETIN. Moravian Chess facsimile reprints. Bound in brown cloth, all VG.

Vol.1 Jun – Dec 1904.  147pp. Includes games of Cambridge Springs 1904. £18

Vol.2 Jan – Dec 1905. 392pp. £18

Vol.3 Jan – Dec 1906. 260pp. £18

Vol.4 Jan – Dec 1907. 252pp. £18

Vol.5 Jan – Dec 1908. 272pp. £18

Vol.38 Jan – Dec 1941. 144pp. £15


NEW IN CHESS KEYBOOK 1970-1982. An Encyclopaedic Analysis of Current Opening Theory. Over 850 pages in this de luxe hardback edition, and first and foundation volume of the series. Some wear to covers otherwise good. £20


CHESS INFORMANT 92. X 2004 – I 2005. 397pp. 522 games. £10


NEW IN CHESS MAGAZINE. The premier magazine for detailed coverage of top tournaments, with many games annotated by the leading GM’s. Also interviews with top players, in-depth book reviews, regular columns by Timman & Ree. 8 issues per year with around 100pp per issue.

2005 No.1-8 complete. £20

2007 No.1-7  £16


BCF Year Book. Containing list of officials, constitution, annual report, accounts, BCF tournament crosstables, list of Life Members. All p/b, G or VG condition. The 1975/6 onward volumes are large size. The early years are scarce. 


1935-36 (English Counties Chess Union. Combined Year Book.) Lower cover loose, spine worn, page margins yellowed. £10.00

1947-48  £10.00

1948-49  £10.00

1949-50  £10.00

1953-54  £10.00

1956-57  cover wear. £7.00

1959-60  £8.00

1960-61  £8.00  (spine yellowed)

1961-62  £8.00

1962-63  £8.00

1963-64, £8.00

1964-65  £8.00

1965-66  £8.00

1968-69  £7.00

1975-76 large format £6.00


Awards in Problem Tourneys Nos.128-138. BCF, Nov.1972-Feb.1976.  In 4 issues, 12pp each, around 130 problems in all. £12.00


Awards in Problem Tourneys Nos.131-133. BCF, Nov.1973 12pp. 36 problems. £3.00


Chessman Quarterly. Ed: Wade & Boyd. Vol.1 No.1-4. 1968. 4 issues, nos.1&2 reprinted. The magazine specializing in opening theory. 40pp each issue. (D.) £6.00


QUARTERLY FOR CHESS HISTORY SERIES. Fiala (V.) Editor. Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep.  1999-2010, 2016,2018. Volumes 1-19.

Each volume hardback, most with over 500pp, hundreds of games, sections on chess research, biographies, tournament reports, reviews, correspondence chess etc. Further details of contents can be provided. (A.) Usually £28 or £30 per single volume. Please inquire for single volumes or complete set.


Shakhmatny Bulletin.: Volume 1. Nos.1-12. 1955. Facsimile reprint by The Chess Player, 1983. Large format (21 x 30cm), glue bound but without covers. 384pp. The original magazine is scarce as the print run was only 1000 copies. This facsimile edition has less than 200 copies.  £35.00




Shakhmaty za 1950. (Year Book) Ed: V.Ragozin. Moscow, 1952. Original cloth-backed boards, rubbed, cover edges repaired o/w G. 339pp. Includes c.100 annotated games, problems, studies, opening theory, crosstables. One page is missing and provided in facsimile. LN 5952.  £16.00


Shakhmaty za 1951-1952. (Year Book.) Ed: L.Abramov. Moscow, 1953. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 244pp. Includes tournament results, 61 annotated games, endgames and studies. LN 3362.  £18.00


Shakhmaty za 1953. (Year Book) Ed: L.Abramov. Moscow, 1954. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 320pp. Includes 57 annotated games,  problems, studies, opening theory, crosstables.  £18.00


Shakhmaty za 1954. (Year Book) Ed: L.Abramov. Moscow, 1955. Original cloth-backed boards, VG. 368pp. Includes 92 annotated games,  crosstables.  £20.00


Shakhmatny Eshegodnik. (Year Book) 1960. Moscow, 1962. VG. 496pp. Includes


Scacchi e Scienze Applicate. (Chess and Applied Sciences. An International Review.) No.22. Venice, 2003. Large format magazine. 60pp., illus. Various articles including Gillam, Researching Old Tournaments; Nizzola, Researcher's Corner (these last two in English); R.Salvadori, Psicologia degli Scacchi; S.Spina, "Il Gioco degli Scacchi" di Vespasiano Bettoni. Also 59 problems. £10


The following all large size volumes with many games, news, photos, index etc.

Chess Review. The Picture Chess Magazine. Vol.14. 1946. Large format, original red cloth, VG. Index.  £35.00

Chess Review Vol.18 1950. 10 loose issues, lacking March, October. Faint vertical centre fold. Also issue for June 1949 is included.  £15.00


Chess Reader. Whyld (Ken) Editor: Volume I - VI. (1955-1966) Ken Whyld Association / Moravian Chess, 2004. Hardback. F. This reprint of Vols.1-6 contains more than 500 book reviews by Ken Whyld and others. Also included are an appreciation of Ken Whyld by Tony Gillam, articles on William Winter, A.C.White "Xmas Books" & Overbrook Press series, and tournament books 1939-1956.  £25.00


Chess Students Quarterly. Cordingley (E.G.R.) & K.Whyld: Vol.I - VI (Nov 1946 - Mar 1952). (With) Match Bronstein vs. Boleslavski, Moscow 1950. Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2007. Hardback. 569pp. 356 games, many annotated, 14 games of B-B match, opening theory, book reviews, various lists of books for sale. A facsimile reprint of the complete run of CSQ which was produced on an off-set litho printing machine. It was intended to be complimentary to the two major British chess magazines, giving additional games and analysis, but no news or problems. The original issues are very scarce.  £27.00


Midland Chess Bulletin / London Chess Bulletin / The Chess Bulletin. Well produced newspapers from 1948 to 1950. The first 44 issues (3 in photocopy) in good condition. Edited by W.Ritson Morry or Brian Reilly. (I believe this ran to 52 issues up to Nov.1951.) £85.00  (Note: not in stock but I can obtain it.)


EG (Endgame study periodical): Ed: John Roycroft. London, June 1978 - Nov 1987. No.51 (Vol.4) to 102 pt 2 (Vol.6). 50 issues, stapled booklets, VG. pp 492, 544, 1000. Contains hundreds of studies. Note: Lacking issue nos.84,94,99.  No.102 pt 2 was the last produced by John Roycroft. It was then continued by the Dutch endgame study group ARVES.  £60.00


Chess Informant.  (Sahovski Informator). Classification of Chess Openings. 1971. 67pp. £5.00


Chess Mail. 8/9 1997  £2     11 1997  corner of one page cut out £2

8-9 1999  £2


Jaarboek van de Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden.

1971, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980 - £6.00 each


Jubileumboek 1931-1981. Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden. p/b. VG. 48pp. £10


Kaissiber. No.17. July-Oct.2001. (Includes long article on Staunton by Adrian Harvey, index for issues 9-16.) £4.00