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RETURN TO HOME PAGE Tony Peterson, 15 Harbour View Park, Rope Walk, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5DQ, UK. Tel: 01903 730371. email: tony@chessbooks.co.uk (SEE ALSO SEPARATE SECTION FOR "CHESS PLAYER" PUBLICATIONS CURRENTLY IN PRINT.) £0.00

5386. --- JUST PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.131

. Tournaments of 1905 and 1906. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 43 pages; about 27 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Hamburg 1905: 4 of the 6 games; Lodz April-May 1906: all 18 games; Rubinstein, Chigorin, Flamburg, Salwe. Bremen 1906: all 6 games.Lodz September 1906: 15 of 34 games. St Petersburg 1906: 12 of 24 games; Alapin, Chigorin, Evtifeev, Znosko-Borovsky. Munich 1906: 15 of 30 games; Nimzowitsch, Spielmann, E.Cohn, Przepiorka, Eljaschov, A Kürschner. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £10.00

5339. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.123

. Tournaments of 1909. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 69 pages; about 37 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Stockholm 1909: all 15 games with notes; Harburg 1909: 5 of the 6 games + 6 others; Munich 1909: about 21 games of 24; Leiden 1909: all 20 games, many with notes + 6 others; Zaandam 1909: 4 of 6 games + 1 other;Berlin (Café Colosseum) 1909: 7 games of 12; Vilnius 1909: 15 games + the openings of 2 more games (of the 45 games played). SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £14.00

5340. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.126

. Tournaments of 1922. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 43 pages; about 31 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Scheveningen Silver Cup 1922: 11 of the 18 games; Germany v Sweden 1922: all 24 games; Manhattan v Buenos Aires 1922: cable match; all 6 games; Mannheim 1922: Saragossa Opening tournament; 4 of the 6 games; Germany v Netherlands 1922: all 24 games; New York 1922: Reshevsky's first tournament; 13 of the 15 games and a rare article;Italy v Switzerland 1922: 19 of the 24 games; SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £10.00

5346. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.127

. More tournaments of 1921 and 1922. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 51 pages; about 40 diagrams; most games with notes; cross tables; 5 Major Events: Kiel 1921: 14 of the 24 games; Bogoljubow, Brinckmann, Sämisch and Reti played each other 4 times. Triberg, July, 1921: 10 of the 20 games; Alekhine, Sämisch, Bogoljubow, Selesniev and Brinckmann played each other twice. Triberg, December, 1921: 16 of the 24 games; Rubinstein, Bogoljubow, Spielmann and Selesniev played each other 4 times. Petrograd v Moscow 1922: the first match between these cities after the 1917 revolution; All 22 games. Innsbruck 1922: 14 of the 17 games (15 in the tournament and 2 play-off games); Spielmann; Grünfeld, Carls, Müller, Kieninger and A.Wolf. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £12.00

5347. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.128

. Tournaments of 1935. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 65 pages; about 38 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Stockholm 1935: 5 of the 12 games; Lundin, Stoltz, Stahlberg and Bergkvist. Manhattan CC v Marshall CC 1935: 5 of the 8 games. Amsterdam (March) 1935: 5 of the 6 games; Euwe, Van Den Bosch, Landau, Wackers. Brussels 1935: all 6 games; Jerochoff, Mieses, O'Kelly, L.Jung Barcelona 1935: article; all 45 games; Flohr, Koltanowski, Grob, G.Thomas, Reilly, and 5 Spanish players. Rosas 1935: article; 22 games + 4 parts of 45 games; Flohr, Koltanowski, Grob, Koblents, Reilly + 5 Spanish players. Luhacovice 1935: all 28 games; Opocensky, Rejfir, Pelikan, Fazekas, Foltys, Olexa, Zinner, Rohacek. Many of the games have notes. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £14.00

5358. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.129

. BERLIN May 1927. BAD HOMBURG 1927. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 52 pages; about 22 diagrams; most games with notes; 3 cross tables; 2 Major Events. Berlin, May, 1927: Freie Schachvereinigung tournament. Brinckmann won ahead of Bogoljubow, Nimzowitsch, Sämisch, Ahues, Enoch, List, Mieses, Elstner, Schweinburg; 22 games and 2 parts out of 45 played. Many detailed notes from lots of sources. Bad Homburg 1927: Bogoljubow won ahead of Reti, Tartakower, Orbach, Sämisch and Yates in a double round tournament. 18 games and 3 parts out of 30. Most of the results are given from the Hauptturnier, Preliminary and Winners' groups, including the table of the Winner' Group and 6 games and one position from all the groups. Lots of highly detailed notes and tournament reports. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £12.00

5359. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.130

. KEMERI / RIGA 1939. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 69 pages; about 40 diagrams; all 120 games; about 50 games with notes and many more with light comments; x-table; Flohr won with 12 our of 15, ahead of Stahlberg and Szabo 11 each, Mikenas 10½; Böök 10; Feigins 9; Bogoljubow 8½; Pegtrovs 8; Dreibergs 6½; Hazenfuss 6; Melngailis and Apsenieks 5½ each; Solmanis amd Koblenc 5 each; Bezrucko 4 and Ozols 2½. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £15.00

4919. 1834 DE LA BOURDONNAIS - MCDONNELL. C.Utterberg: De La Bourdonnais versus McDonnell, 1834. The Eighty-Five Games of their Six Chess Matches, with Excerpts from Additional Games Against Other Opponents.

McFarland, US 2012. New large p/b. 404pp., games annotated from various sources, lengthy introduction, statistics and appendices. (A.) £40.00

973. 1851 LONDON & STAUNTON - ST.AMANT MATCH 1843.: Das Schachturnier zu London im Jahre 1851 und der Schachkampf 1843 zwischen Staunton und St.Amant.

1983 Olms reprint of original 1852 & 1844 editions. F, d/w. 152, 80pp. £20.00

659. 1851 LONDON. Staunton (H.): The Chess Tournament London 1851.

Batsford Chess Classics 1986. Facsimile reprint of 1852 1st Edn. Maroon cloth, gilt, VG,d/w. pp lxci, 377. The First International Chess Tournament, won by Adolf Anderssen. £25.00

2731. 1851 LONDON. Staunton (H.): The Chess Tournament. A Collection of the Games Played at this Celebrated Assemblage.

Bell & Daldy, 1873. (Reprint of 1852 1st Edn.) Original red cloth, gilt, spine slightly faded, old chess club stamps on endpapers. Good copy. Half-title, pp lxxxviii ,377, adverts. Numerous games with brief notes, and much on the organization and running of the tournament. An excellent account of the first International chess tournament, and considerably scarcer than Staunton's other works. LN 5180. £110.00

4585. 1862 DUSSELDORF + 1863. Lange (M.) Ed: Jahrbuch des Westdeutschen Schachbundes. 1862 + 1863.

Leipzig, 1862-63. Reprint by Edition Olms, Zurich 1984. 2 works in 1 volume, F,d/w. pp 148,66. Includes 125 games, many by Lange and W.Paulsen, and games and reports of the chess congresses in Dusseldorf 1862 & 1863. £20.00

1410. 1862 LONDON. Lowenthal (J.): The Chess Congress of 1862. A Collection of the Games Played and a Selection of the Problems Sent in for Competition....Memoir of the British Chess Association by G.W.Medley.

Henry G.Bohn, 1864. First Edition. Original red patterned cloth, edges a bit rubbed, covers a little marked, but a good tight copy. Frontispiece, pp xcvi, 536, including 200 games and 296 problems. A scarce and detailed account of the 1862 London tournament as well as other British Chess Association Meetings since 1841. 1.Anderssen 2.Paulson 3.Owen. LN 5188. The scarce first edition. £180.00

4792. 1866 LONDON 1867 DUNDEE: Transactions of the British Chess Association.

Moravian Chess 2001. Hardback, as new. Facsimile reprint of original work. 131pp. All games with notes. £15.00

4793. 1868 and 1869: Transactions of the British Chess Association.

Moravian Chess (2001). Hardback, as new. Facsimile reprint of original 1869 work. 109pp. All games with notes from various tournaments during the period. £14.00

4673. 1871 CREFELD 1876 DUSSELDORF 1877 KOLN 1878 FRANKFURT. J.Minckwitz: Die Schachkongresse zu Crefeld 1871, Dusseldorf 1876, Koln 1877, Frankfurt a.M. 1878.

(Reprint of 1874 and 1879 books.) Edition Olms, Zurich 1985. VG,d/w. pp 50, 178. Together 128 games. Top players included Anderssen, Paulsen and Zukertort. £20.00

2667. 1879 LEIPZIG, 1881 BERLIN, 1883 NURNBERG. E.Schallopp: Der Erste, Zweite und Dritte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms Reprint, Zurich 1979. 3 works in 1 volume. VG, d/w torn on front edge. pp 228,302,158. Numerous games and problems. £25.00

4567. 1883 NUREMBERG: .

Historical Chess Tournaments Series 03. Moravian Chess, 1993. p/b. VG. 40pp. 170 games. 1 Winawer 2 Blackburne 3 Mason. (A.) £7.00

3944. 1885 HAMBURG, 1887 FRANKFURT. Bardeleben, Gottshall, Mieses & Minckwitz.: Der 4 und 5 Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms reprint of original tournament books, Zurich 1982. 2 works in 1 volume. VG, d/w. pp 256, 288. Includes all games. £25.00

5320. 1886 STEINITZ - ZUKERTORT. E.Schallopp: Der Schachwettkampf.

Leipzig 1886. Facsimile reprint by Erich Munster, Nurnberg n.d.(1980's?) p/b, red printed covers, stained on edges o/w G. 48pp., adverts. Steinitz won 12.5-7.5. £12.00

768. 1887 FRANKFURT. Bardeleben, Gottschall & Mieses: Der Funfte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes, Frankfurt A.M.1887.

Veit, Leipzig 1889. 1st Edn. Bound in later plain black cloth, original front wrapper bound in. G. pp (iv), 288. 228 games (201 in the main tournament). LN 5223. Includes a presentation inscription to Capt George H.Mackenzie, New Orleans 1889. 1.Mackenzie 2-3 Blackburne, Weiss. An outstanding performance by George H.Mackenzie in a tournament including Tarrasch, Zukertort, Paulsen, Gunsberg, Burn, Bardeleben. £80.00

4710. 1888 BRADFORD: .

The Chess Player. Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches: 92. Paperback with spine; 208pp; edited by A.J.Gillam; 26 photos; 101 diagrams; all available games; Gunsberg won ahead of Mackzenie, von Bardeleben, Mason, Burn, Weiss, Blackburne, Taubenhaus, Bird, Pollock, Thorock, Locock, Mortimer, Lee, Owen, Hall, Rumboll and Skipworth; many contemporary newspaper reports; indices; £19.50

2941. 1889 BRESLAU, 1892 DRESDEN, 1893 KIEL. Gottshall, Lipke & Mieses: Der 6, 7 und 8 Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms reprint of original tournament books, Zurich 1983. 3 works in 1 volume. VG, d/w. pp 287, 272, 60. Includes all games. £25.00

4666. 1890 MANCHESTER: .

The Chess Player, Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches: No.89 Paperback; 208pp; all available games from this large tournament (about 113 out of 190) with contemporary notes wherever available; extensive surveys of the rounds, players, missing games, all taken from contemporary magazines and newspapers; many diagrams; about 20 photos. £19.50

3133. 1890 VIENNA. W.H.Goldman: Vienna 1890 1st Kolisch Tournament.

Goldman, Germany 1983. 1st Edn. p/b. F. 151pp. 78 games, some annotated, brief biographies of Kolisch and the players. 1 Weiss 2 Bauer 3 Fleissig. The first book on this tournament. (A.) £14.00

4379. 1894 LEIPZIG. Ed: K.Whyld: Leipzig 1894 (9th Congress of Deutscher Schachbund) with Annotations by Dr.S.Tarrasch and others.

Chess Player 1982. p/b. G. 64pp. 153 games, some with informator-style notes, 3pp introduction. 1 Tarrasch 2 Lipke 3 Teichmann. Scarce item. (A.) Whyld states that Max Lange lost the game scores. They came into the hands of Max Blumich, then Heinrich Wagner, from whom Whyld obtained them to publish for the first time! £16.00

1638. 1895 HASTINGS: Ed: H.F.Cheshire.

Dover 1962, reprint of 1896 edition. p/b. G-. x,370pp. 230 annotated games. 1.Pillsbury 2.Chigorin 3.Lasker. £12.00

5345. 1895 HASTINGS. E.Schallopp: Das Internationale Schachturnier zu Hastings im August - September 1895.

Leipzig 1896. Edition Olms facsimile reprint, 1980. VG,d/w. pp viii,339,(1). 240 games, most with notes. 1.Pillsbury 2.Chigorin 3.Lasker. £20.00

1249. 1895-96 ST.PETERSBURG. J.Mason & W.Pollock: The Games in the St.Petersburg Tournament...with Copious Notes and Critical Remarks...Portraits and Biographical Sketches.

Leeds, 1896. Facsimile reprint, Chess Player 1983. p/b. VG. xvi,64pp. 36 games. 4 players, 6 games each - 1.Lasker 2.Steinitz 3.Pillsbury 4.Tchigorin. £12.00

4665. 1896 BERLIN; 1896 VIENNA (May-June & November): .

The Chess Player, Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches: No.86. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 38pp; 24 diagrams; 14 photos; Berlin 1896 (8 of the 9 games), von Bardeleben, Walbrodt, Mieses; Vienna (May-July) 1896 (23 of the 24 games), Englisch, Schlechter, Marco, Weiss; Vienna (November) 1896 (6 of the 15 games), Janowski, Schlechter, Mieses, Winawer, Marco, Albin. £8.50

3311. 1896 NUREMBERG. S.Tarrasch: International Chess Tournament. Translated (from the original German book) by J.C.Owen.

Caissa Editions, US 1999. F. 403pp. 171 games annotated by Tarrasch, Lasker, Steinitz & others, with additional notes from contemporary sources. 1 Lasker 2 Maroczy 3-4 Tarrasch, Pillsbury. (A.) £32.00

474. 1896 NURNBERG. Tarrasch (S.) & C.Schroder: Das Internationale Schachturnier des Schachclubs Nurnberg im Juli-Aug.1896.

BCM Classic Reprint, 1974, of original tournament book. p/b. VG. Portrait of Lasker, pp xxx,294. 171 games. 1.Lasker 2.Maroczy 3-4 Pillsbury & Tarrasch. £14.00

3820. 1898 COLOGNE. V.Fiala: 11th German Chess Association Congress.

Moravian Chess, 1997. F. 264pp., photos of players, 54 available games of the tournament, most annotated, long introduction and summary, also biography and playing record of each player, and further 75 games. 1 Burn 2-4 Cohn, Chigorin, Charousek. First book on this strong tournament which also included Steinitz, Schlechter and Janowski. (A.) £25.00

980. 1898 VIENNA. Fahndrich (H.) , Halprin & Marco: Internationales Kaiser-Jubilaums-Schachturnier Wien 1898.

Wien (1898). 1st Edn. Roy8vo, contemporary half leather, green cloth covers, gilt lettering, spine a bit rubbed, cover scuffed, still a handsome copy. pp xix,351. 354 games. 1.Tarrasch (after play-off) 2.Pillsbury 3.Janowski. A 19 player double-round tournament with all the leading players except Lasker, 38 rounds in all! LN 5250. £120.00

2440. 1899 LONDON: The Book of the London International Chess Congress.

Longmans Green & Co. 1900. 1st Edn. Roy8vo (17 x 26cm), original olive-green buckram, gilt, top joint repaired, new endpapers, a good copy. pp lii, 232. 202 games. 1.Lasker 2-4 Janowsky, Maroczy, Pillsbury. A fine tournament book. Only 500 Copies Printed. LN 5253. £180.00

475. 1900 LONDON.: Invitation Chess Tournament of the City of London Chess Club.

Caissa Limited Editions, US 1973. Facsimile reprint Limited to 700 copies. F. 46pp. 78 games. 1.Teichmann 2-3 Gunsberg, Mason. £24.00

1680. 1900 MUNICH / 1902 HANNOVER: Der Zwolfte und Dreizehnte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms 1983 Reprint of the original editions. VG, d/w. pp 180 & 204. Munich with 181 games - 1-3 Maroczy, Pillsbury, Schlecter. Hannover with 308 games including Pillsbury's blindfold simultaneous display. A world class tournament- 1.Janowski 2.Pillsbury 3.Atkins. £24.00

3228. 1900 PARIS. J.Adams: Paris 1900.

Chess Player Tournament Series No.42, 2000. p/b. VG. 176pp. 166 games, most annotated, also 12 games of Pillsbury blindfold exhibition. (A.) A strong 16 round tournament (but drawn games were also replayed once!) 1 Lasker 2 Pillsbury 3-4 Maroczy, Marshall. £15.00

4573. 1904 COBURG + 1906 NURNBERG. Schellenber, Schlechter & G.Marco; Tarrasch & Schenzel: Der Vierzehnte und Funfzehnte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms Reprint, Zurich 1984. 2 vols in 1, F,d/w . pp 144,278. Coburg: 153 games, 81 from the Master tournament. 1-3= v.Bardeleben, Schlechter & Swiderski. Nurnberg: 138 annotated games, a few from other groups. 1 Marshall 2 Duras 3-4 Forgacs, Schlechter. £22.00

2627. 1905 BARMEN. G.Marco: Der Internationale Schachkongress des Barmer Schachvereins 1905.

Olms Reprint, Zurich 1984. Thick hardback, VG,d/w. 628pp., illustrations. 500 games, most annotated, from a number of tournaments, the top one 1-2 Janowski, Maroczy 3 Marshall. A huge tournament book! £28.00

2967. 1907 KARLSBAD. G.Marco & C.Schlechter: Das Internationale Schachmeisterturnier.

(Facsimile reprint of 1908 Edition.) Caissa Editions, USA 1979. Large p/b, slight crease down spine o/w VG. 426pp. 210 games, many annotated. 1 Rubinstein 2 Maroczy , ahead of a high-class field of 21 players. £18.00

3702. 1907 KARLSBAD. G.Marco & C.Schlechter: Karlsbad 1907 International Chess Tournament. Trans: R.Sherwood. Ed: D.Brandreth. Analysis Checked by Robert Sherwood and Rybka.

Caissa Editions, US 2007. English Translation of the original 1908 German book. Red cloth. F. 451pp., illus, 210 games, annotated by Marco and Schlechter. "This edition has the advantage of enhancements such as the addition of 15 photos of many of the players along with corrections and additional analysis using the new, very strong program, Rybka. The tournament was one of the strongest of the last century with only Lasker, Tarrasch and Burn, missing from the roster of the world's best players of that day. The young player Rubinstein won in fine style followed by Maroczy just one-half point behind, and by Leonhardt. Marco and Schlechter contributed superb notes in a style combining wit, depth, and accuracy." Series: World's Greatest Chess Tournaments. (A.) £45.00

2668. 1908 DUSSELDORF, 1910 HAMBURG, 1912 BRESLAU: Der Sechzehnte, Siebzehnte und Achtzehnte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Olms Reprint, Zurich 1984. 3 works in 1 volume. Thick hardback, VG, d/w. pp 177,222,202. Includes all games, some annotated. All very strong events with victories for Marshall, Schlechter and Rubinstein/Duras. £20.00

2419. 1911 Karlsbad. Dr.M.Vidmar: Das Zweite Internationale Schachturnier in Karlsbad 1911.

BCM Classic Reprint No.9, n.d.(1970) 2 volumes, p/b's. G. Each 192pp. 325 games with brief notes (in German). 1 Teichmann 2-3 Rubinstein, Schlecter. 25 rounds! £24.00

4340. 1913 NEW YORK. Ed: A.J.Gillam: Second American National Tournament + Rice Chess Club Tournament, New York 1913.

Chess Player 2010. New p/b. All 171 available games of the Second American National Tournament and Rice Chess Club tournament (both won by Capablanca); notes, diagrams, commentary on each round etc. 87pp. Rare & Unpublished Tournament Series No.78. (For many others see "Chess Player" section on website. £9.50

4927. 1914 MANNHEIM: Gillam (Tony): Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians.

The Chess Player 2014. Hardback. 522pp. 94 games (the other 5 are lost) from the Masters’ Tournament at Mannheim which was broken off when World War 1 began, with extensive notes. Alekhine won ahead of Vidmar, Spielmann, Breyer, Marshall, Reti, Janowski, Bogoljubow, Tarrasch, Duras, John, Tartakower, Fahrni, Post, Carls, Krüger, Flamberg and Mieses. 90 games from the lower sections (all that are known), many never published before, many with notes. 103 games from the tournaments played by the interned players in Baden Baden and Triberg, plus other games played in consultation, in matches and by correspondence. All the available games, many with notes. Almost half the book, more than 250 pages, tells the full story of what happened when the tournament was broken off – a story never told before of the arrests, internments, the ones that got away. The author has attempted to follow all 40 Russians who were at Mannheim playing, reporting and spectating and to tell their stories. Magazine and newspaper articles are quoted from the USA, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Australia and more. Alekhine’s story has some surprises! The book contains (approximately) 373 games and 1 problem, 232 diagrams and 130 illustrations (photographs, maps, documents). In early August 1914 there were 12 Russians left in Mannheim facing internment and by mid-1918 there were just 2 left. The book explains how and why. This is one of the strangest stories in modern chess and it is has now been researched and recounted for the first time. £40.00

742. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG.: The Grand International Masters' Chess Tournament at St.Petersburg 1914.

Printing Craft & Frank Hollings, 1914. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, G. Frontispiece portrait, 80pp. All 75 games, with some notes to each. 1.Lasker 2.Capablanca 3.Alekhine. LN 5319. £40.00

1150. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG. Tarrasch (S.): Das Grossmeisterturnier zu St.Petersburg im Jahre 1914.

Edition Olms 1989. F, d/w. 3 photos, pp xxiv.192. 75 annotated games. One of the greatest tournaments in chess history. 1.Lasker 2. Capablanca 3.Alekhine. £18.00

476. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG. Tarrasch (S.): Das Grossmeisterturnier zu St.Petersburg im Jahre 1914.

Leipzig 1921. 2nd Edn. Blue cloth-backed boards, G. pp xxiv,185. 75 annotated games. One of the greatest tournaments in chess history. 1.Lasker 2. Capablanca 3.Alekhine. £40.00

4341. 1915 NEW YORK. Ed: A.J.Gillam: New York 1915.

Chess Player 2010. New p/b. 67pp; all 56 games; 56 diagrams; many detailed notes; photograph of players; cartoons of several players; biographies. 1 Capablanca 2 Marshall. Rare & Unpublished Tournament Series No.80. (For many others see "Chess Player" section on website. £9.00

865. 1916 NEW YORK. Sergeant (P.W.): The Rice Memorial Chess Tournament New York, 1916.

BCM Classic Reprints No.8. 1968. p/b. VG. 112pp. 1.Capablanca 2.Janowski. £12.00

4711. 1919 Tournaments: .

The Chess Player. Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches: 93. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; edited by A.J.Gillam, translations from Dutch by Jan Postma; 52pp; 60 diagrams; 6 tournaments from 1919 largely unknown (Berlin, February; New York; Rotterdam; Troy; Berlin, September; The Hague); all available games; annotations; newspaper reports; £9.00

2402. 1921 HAMBURG. J.Dimer: Der 21.Kongresss des Deutschen Schachbundes.

B.Kagan, Berlin (1921). 1st Edn. Rebound in maroon cloth, VG. 230pp. 145 annotated games. 1 Post 2 Samisch 3 Schlage. LN 5340. £45.00

5184. 1921 THE HAGUE. Ed: J.Schroeder: International Chess Tournament.

U.S., n.d.(1970s). Large format, front card cover (no back cover), stapled, G. (ii),20pp. 45 games with a few notes by the players. 1.Alekhine 2.Tartakower 3.Rubinstein. £10.00

869. 1921 THE HAGUE. Kagan (B.): Erstes Internationales Schachmeister-Turnier im Haag.

Berlin (1921). 1st Edn. p/b, without front wrapper, spine worn, paper yellowed. 100pp. 45 games. 8pp of photos. LN 5339. 1.Alekhine 2.Tartakower 3.Rubinstein. (20 year old Euwe came 9th/10.) £25.00

2509. 1922 BAD PIESTANY. B.Kagan: II.Internationales Julius Breyer Memorial Schachturnier.

Berlin, 1923. 1st Edn. Original cloth-backed boards, spine faded, boards marked o/w G. 16pp of photos (partly loose), 190pp. Paper rather yellowed as usual. 190 games. LN 5349. 1 Bogoljubow 2-3 Alekhine, Spielmann. £40.00

1180. 1922 HASTINGS. Alekhine (A.): The Book of the Hastings International Masters' Chess Tournament 1922.

Printing-Craft (1924.) 1st Edn. Original red cloth, slight wear head and foot of spine, previous owner stamp on endpaper, occasional foxing as usual. G. 6 photos, 68pp. 30 games annotated by Alekhine, account of tournament by Sir George Thomas. 1.Alekhine 2.Rubinstein. LN 5344. £25.00

655. 1922 HASTINGS. Watts (W.H.) Ed: The Book of the Hastings International Masters' Chess Tournament 1922.

Dover 1968. Reprint of 1923 work. p/b. VG. 63pp. 30 games annotated by Alekhine. 1.Alekhine 2.Rubinstein. £8.00

4916. 1922 LONDON. G.Maroczy + 1921 LASKER - CAPABLANCA: London 1922. Foreword Andy Soltis. + 1921 Capablanca - Lasker Match by Capablanca.

Russell Ent. 2010. New p/b. 128pp., 120 games with notes by Geza Maroczy. 1.Capablanca 2.Alekhine 3.Vidmar. Capablanca won match 9-5, games annotated by him. (A.) £13.00

355. 1922 LONDON. Watts (W.H.) Ed.: The Book of the London International Chess Congress 1922. Containing all the Games...with Original and Quoted Annotations by Geza Maroczy.

Printing Craft 1923. 1st Edn. Original purple cloth, G. 137pp., nice portrait plates of the 16 players, 125 games. 1.Capablanca 2.Alekhine 3.Vidmar. £40.00

356. 1922 OEYNHAUSEN. J.Dimer, W.Schlage, O.Zander.: Der 22 Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Leipzig 1923. 1st Edn. Original printed boards, small split on joint o/w VG. Paper yellowed. 196pp. 2 plates with 3 photos. 154 games. LN 5348. 1.Post 2.Carls. £40.00

4553. 1922 VIENNA. Larry Evans: Vienna 1922. Foreword by John Donaldson.

Russell Ent, US 2011. New p/b. 144pp., illus., 103 games annotated by Larry Evans. One of the first great tournaments after WW1. 1 Rubinstein 2 Tartakower 3 Wolf. (A.) £15.00

357. 1923 KARLSBAD. Kagan (B.): III.Internationales Schachturnier in Karlsbad.

Berlin (1923). 1st Edn. Original cloth-backed boards, spine rubbed, lettering faded o/w G. 4 plates of photos, 198pp. 153 games. Hand-written openings index on front endpapers. 1-3 Alekhine, Bogoljubow, Maroczy. From the library of Lothar Schmid. £40.00

1117. 1923-24 HASTINGS. Maroczy (G.): A Hastings-I Nemzetkozi Sakkverseny.

Kecskemet 1924. Bound in plain green cloth, original front wrapper bound in (edges torn and frayed), paper yellowed. 56pp., plate, 51 games. 1.Euwe 2.Maroczy. Fragile and scarce work. No English tournament book was produced. LN 5363. £50.00

5223. 1924 NEW YORK. A.A.Alekhine: Mezhdunarodnyy shakhmatnyy turnir v New Yorke 1924.

Moscow 1925. First Russian Edn. Rebound in plain black & brown boards, G. 257pp., illus.,110 games annotated by Alekhine. Edge of title-page repaired. 1 Lasker 2 Capablanca 3 Alekhine. LN 5369. A scarce edition. £60.00

818. 1924 NEW YORK. Alekhine (A.): Das Grossmeister Turnier New York 1924.

De Gruyter, Berlin 1963. Reprint of 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 337pp., 110 games annotated by Alekhine. 1 Lasker 2 Capablanca 3 Alekhine. £12.00

824. 1924 NEW YORK. Alekhine (A.): The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament 1924. Ed: H.Helms.

Dover 1961. Reprint of 1925 1st Edn (plus new photos.) p/b, G. 271pp., 110 games annotated by Alekhine. 1 Lasker 2 Capablanca 3 Alekhine. £12.00

147. 1924 NEW YORK. Helms (H.) Ed: The Book of the New York International Chess Tournament 1924. Containing the Authorized Account of the 110 games Played March-April 1924 with Original Annotations by Alexander Alekhine.

ACB & Printing Craft 1925. 1st Edn. Original red cloth, rebacked with original spine laid down, spine is discoloured, otherwise a good copy. pp xxiv,273, adverts, xi (errata), 15 photos. A fine book printed on shiny paper, on one of the great tournaments, won by Lasker from Capablanca, Alekhine & Marshall. Alekhine deeply annotates every game. LN 5370. £60.00

944. 1925 BADEN-BADEN. Tarrasch (Dr.S.): Internationales Schachturnier zu Baden-Baden.

BCM Classic Reprint No.16. (c.1974) p/b, G. 127pp. 210 games. 1.Alekhine 2.Rubinstein 3.Samisch. £10.00

530. 1925 MOSCOW. Bogoljubow (E.): Das Internationale Schachturnier Moskau 1925.

De Gruyter, Berlin & Leipzig, 1927. 1st Edn. Later brown cloth, original wrappers bound in, VG. Frontispiece, pp xii, 222, (1). 210 games. Bogoljubow's greatest victory in a 21 player field ahead of Lasker, Capablanca & Marshall. LN 5385. A fine tournament book. £60.00

943. 1926 BUDAPEST.: Internationaler Schachkongress Budapest 1926.

Lachaga, Argentina 1976. p/b. Red stain to back cover, not affecting inside. 98pp. 137 games, some annotated by the players. 1-2 Grunfeld, Monticelli. Limited to 350 copies. £10.00

4075. 1926 CHICAGO & LAKE HOPATCONG. R.Sherwood: Chicago 1926 Lake Hopatcong 1926 Chess Tournaments. Ed: Dale Brandreth.

Caissa Editions, US 2009. New red cloth hardback. 197pp. 98 annotated games in all, photos, introductions. (A.) Limited Edition of 600 numbered copies. The scores for Chicago 1926 have hitherto been unavailable (just supplied to chess databases by Caissa). Chicago - 1 Marshall 2-3 Maroczy, Torre. Lake Hopatcong - 1 Capablanca 2 Kupchik 3 Maroczy. £27.50

551. 1926 SEMMERING.: Internationales Schachmeisterturnier. Anmerkungen von Aljechin, Becker, Nimzowitsch, Reti &c.

Lachaga, Argentina, 1969. p/b, spine yellowed, G. 94pp. 153 games. 1.Spielmann 2.Alekhine 3.Vidmar. A very strong tournament. Includes short biography and playing record of Spielmann. Limited to 240 copies. £14.00

252. 1927 KECSKEMET. Alekhine, Kmoch, Maroczy & Nimzowitsch: Das Erste Internationale Schachmeisterturnier in Kecskemet 1927.

L.Toth,Kecskemet,Ungarn 1928. 1st Edn. Later blue cloth, a few pencil notes, Good copy. pp xvi,159, 4pp photos. 146 games. A fine tournament book, one of the first to use figurine notation. 1.Alekhine 2-3 Nimzowitsch, L.Steiner. LN 5405. £65.00

994. 1927 NEW YORK. Alekhine (A.): Das New Yorker Schachturnier 1927.

Berlin 1963 (reprint of original edition.) p/b. VG. 176pp. 60 games. 1.Capablanca 2.Alekhine 3.Nimzowitsch. £14.00

817. 1928 BAD KISSINGEN. Tartakower (Dr.S.G.): Das Grosse Internationale Schachmeisterturnier in Bad Kissingen.

BCM Classic Reprint No.21, (1982). VG facsimile p/b. 179pp., 5pp photos, 66 annotated games, opening theory. 1.Bogoljubow 2 Capablanca 3-4 Rubinstein, Euwe. £12.00

1568. 1928 DORTMUND. P.Michel: Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez.

Lachaga, Argentina 1967. p/b. G. 48pp. 36 annotated games. 1.Samisch 2.Reti. £14.00

819. 1930 HAMBURG.: Die Schacholympiade von Hamburg. Errinerungen an die Landerkampfe der FIDE 1930.

BCM Classic Reprint No.14, 1973. VG p/b. 156pp. 150 games. 1 Poland 2 Hungary 3 Germany. £12.00

5208. 1930 HAMBURG. A.J.Gillam: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.112

. Chess Olympiad Hamburg 1930. Paperback; 16.6cm x 20.7cm; 312 pages, approx. 181 illustrations and 167 diagrams; 605 games were played (7 were defaulted) - this book has by far the biggest collection made so far with over 380 games and positions; an article on each of the teams; details of the FIDE meeting; lots of annotations; indexes of illustrations, openings and players; 4 games from the Women's world championship held alongside the Olympiad. £25.00

1446. 1930 SCARBOROUGH. Ed: H.Golombek: International Tournament.

BCM Quarterly No.6. (1962). p/b. G. 50pp., introduction to each round, 66 games. 1 Colle 2 Maroczy 3 Rubinstein. £10.00

93. 1931 BLED. Mueller (H.): Das Internationale Turnier Veldes 1931.

Wien 1932. 1st Edn. Original orange card covers, insect damage causing mainly tiny pin holes through the book. Several previous owner inscriptions. (106)pp. 182 games. 1 Alekhine (by 5.5pts!) 2 Bogoljubow 3 Nimzowitsch. LN 5444. £15.00

5042. 1932-33 HASTINGS: Historical Chess Tournaments series: Hastings 1932-33.

Moravian Chess 1998. p/b. VG. 20pp. 45 games. 1 Flohr 2 Pirc 3-4 Steiner, Sultan Khan. (A.) £6.00

1622. 1934 ALEKHINE - BOGOLJUBOW. Em.Lasker: Games Played in the Return Match for the World's Championship. With Original Annotations by Dr.Emanuel Lasker.

Printing-Craft, 1935. 1st Edn. Original printed boards, spine a bit worn o/w G. 2 portraits, 72pp. Alekhine won 15.5-10.5. LN 5094. £25.00

3501. 1934 ALEKHINE - BOGOLJUBOW. Em.Lasker: Match-revansh Alekhin-Bogolyubov na pervenstvi mira 1934.

Moscow, 1937. 1st Russian Edn. Original printed wrappers, crease to front cover o/w G. 139pp. Alekhine won 15.5-10.5. LN 5095. £40.00

2281. 1934 ZURICH. A.Alekhine: Internationales und 37.Schweizerisches Schachturnier.

Schachgesellschaft Zurich (1935.) 1st Edn. Original cream cloth, a little discoloured o/w G. 275pp., illus. 120 games annotated by Alekhine. A nicely produced book of a strong tournament - 1 Alekhine 2-3 Euwe, Flohr 4 Bogoljubow 5 Lasker. LN 5485. SIGNED BY FRED REINFELD, 1935. £90.00

662. 1936 AMSTERDAM. Fine (R.): Amsterdam Chess Congress 1936.

Chess Enterprises, US, 1980. Corrected edition of the Cordingly 1937 edn. G. p/b. 71pp. 28 games annotated by Fine. (A.) 1-2 Euwe, Fine 3.Alekhine. £12.00

3169. 1936 DRESDEN. M.A.Lachaga: Torneo Internacional de Ajedrez.

Circulo la Regence, Buenos Aires, 1946. 1st Edn. Original card covers, cover and pages yellowed. 51pp., printed single-sided. 45 games, some annotated, with Spanish notation. No.87 of Limited edn. 1 Alekhine 2 Engels 3-4 Maroczy, Stahlberg. LN 5523. £35.00

1456. 1936 MOSCOW. (G.Y.Levenfish): Tretiy Mezhdunarodny Shakhmatny Turnir.

Moscow/Leningrad, 1937. 1st Edn. Original cloth, head and foot of spine worn, inner joint cracked o/w G. 314pp. 5 plates, 90 annotated games. With portrait and foreword by Krylenko. Paper yellowed as usual. 1.Capablanca 2.Botvinnik 3.Flohr. LN 5530. £60.00

4392. 1936 MUNICH. Ed: A.J.Gillam: Munich 'Olympiad' 1936.

Chess Player, 2000. p/b. F. 126pp. Introduction, team lists, 612 complete games and fragments, detailed indices. Contains all games (of 1680) that could be found up to publication date. (A.) £12.00

5002. 1936 NOTTINGHAM. W.H.Watts & A.Alekhine: Das Internationale Schachturnier Nottingham 1936.

Edition Marco, Berlin 1986. Hardback, small scratch front cover o/w VG. 231pp. 111 games annotated by Alekhine, introduction by Watts. Translated from the 1937 Printing Craft English Edn. 1-2 Botvinnik, Capablanca. £15.00

1414. 1937 EUWE - ALEKHINE. Alekhine (A.A.): The World's Chess Championship 1937. Ed: H.Golombek.

Pitman 1938. 1st Edn. Original yellow cloth, soiled o/w G. 203pp., 2 plates, 25 games, plus 5 exhibition games, annotated by Alekhine & Euwe. £14.00

2528. 1937 KEMERI. Betins, Petrovs & Kalnins: Das Grosse Internationale Schachmeisterturnier zu Kemeri in Lettland 1937.

Edition Olms, Zurich 1991. (Reprint of 1938 edition.) Near Fine, d/w. 282pp., photos in text, 153 games. 1-3 Flohr, Petrovs, Reshevsky 4-5 Alekhine, Keres. £25.00

2577. 1937 KEMERI. L.De Marimon & B.Lopez Esnaola: Gran Torneo de Kemeri 1937.

Ricardo Aguilera, Madrid 1958. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 246pp. 153 games with Spanish notation, some annotated. 1-3 Flohr, Petrovs, Reshevsky 4-5 Alekhine, Keres. £15.00

4348. 1938 AMSTERDAM (AVRO) R.Sherwood & D.Brandreth: AVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament.

Caissa Editions, USA 2010. New red cloth hardback. 167pp., loose errata page, photos, 56 annotated games, a few previous games of the players. The first substantial book in English on this famous tournament, with fresh analysis of the games, an account of the tournament, overall review of the results and aftermath. 1-2 Fine, Keres 3.Botvinnik. One of the strongest tournaments of all time, intended to find a challenger to Alekhine. (A.) £28.00

3887. 1938 AMSTERDAM. (AVRO) E.J.Diemer: 56 Mal Weltmeisterschach.

Magyar Sakkvilag Kecskemet. Deutsche Bucherei VIII.Band. (1939). 1st Edn. p/b, chipped at foot of spine o/w G. 114pp. 56 games. 1-2.Keres, Fine 3.Botvinnik. LN 5576. £30.00

3815. 1939 BUENOS AIRES. Ed: A.J.Gillam: Buenos Aires Olympiad 1939.

Chess Player 2000. A4 size p/b. F. 120pp., introduction, results, all 928 games. 1 Germany 2 Poland 3 Estonia. (A.) The earliest Olympiad for which all games are available. Many famous players competed and it was Capablanca's last first class event. £19.00

2269. 1939 BUENOS AIRES. M.Czerniak: Torneo Internacional del Circulo de Ajedrez.

Buenos Aires, 1946. Original card covers, G. 87pp. 66 annotated games. 1-2 Najdorf, Keres 3-4 Czerniak, Stahlberg. LN 5601. £35.00

288. 1941 LENINGRAD-MOSCOW. Botvinnik (M.): Championship Chess. Match Tournament for the Absolute Chess Championship of the U.S.S.R.

MacGibbon & Kee 1950. 1st English Edn. G,d/w (slightly torn at top). 186pp. 60 annotated games. 1.Botvinnik 2.Keres 3.Smyslov. £20.00

4798. 1941 MUNICH. W.Kubel: Europa-Schachturnier Munchen 1941.

W.Kubel, 1972. Large format p/b, stapled, G. 42pp. 120 games, some annotated. 1.Stoltz 2-3.Alekhine, Lundin. £10.00

3242. 1942 MUNICH. Ed: A.J.Gillam: 1st European Championship.

Chess Player, 2001. p/b. F. 124pp. 132 games from both sections, some annotated from various sources. Top Group - 1 Alekhine 2 Keres. (A.) First complete book on this tournament. £12.00

1004. 1945-46 HASTINGS. Kmoch & Prins: Weerzien der Schaakmeesters.

Amsterdam 1946. 1st. Original boards. VG. 95pp., plate, 70 games. 1.Tartakower 2.Ekstrom. £16.00

1554. 1946 BEVERWIJK. H.Kmoch: Het Schaakcongres.

Hoogoven-Tournooiclub (1946.) 1st Edn. Original wrappers, covers slightly spotted, G. 80pp. 45 annotated games. 1.O'Kelly de Galway 2.Stoltz. LN 5673. £20.00

477. 1946 GB v USSR. Klein (E.) & W.Winter: The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match.

Pitman 1947. 1st Edn. VG (with a d/w torn in two pieces), 119pp., illus. 12 board double-round match won 18-6 by the Soviets. An attractive little book with biographies of the players, background information on the match, the 24 games annotated by Klein, theoretical review. £25.00

5323. 1946 GRONINGEN. Euwe (M.) & H.Kmoch.: Het Staunton wereldschaaktournooi.

Groningen 1947. Edition Olms Reprint 1990. VG,d/w. 382pp., photos, 190 annotated games. The first big post-war tournament, with 20 players. 1 Botvinnik 2 Euwe 3 Smyslov. An impressive tournament book. £24.00

1243. 1946 GRONINGEN. P.van Foreest: 20 Grote Denkers binnen Neerlands Grenzen.

Meppel (1946). Roy8vo, Original cream cloth-backed boards, some foxing to pages o/w VG. 127pp., photos, selected annotated games. 1.Botvinnik 2 Euwe 3 Smyslov. LN 5679. £22.00

933. 1946 LONDON.: Book of the "Sunday Chronicle" Chess Tournament.

Chess SC, (1946). 1st Edn. Red cloth, front cover and title a bit soiled o/w G. 106pp., illustrations, essay on 14 year-old Pomar, 132 games. LN 5687. Section A 1.H.Steiner 2 O.Bernstein 3 Tartakower. Section B 1.Euwe 2 Christoffel 3 Denker. £12.00

663. 1946 LONDON. Cordingley (E.G.R.) Ed: London Chess Congress 1946.

Limited Edition of Tournament Books Number 16. 1946. 4to, blue cloth, a bit spotted o/w G. 92 typescript pages, 132 games, most with notes. Limited Edition of 270 copies. Section A 1.H.Steiner. Section B 1.Euwe. LN 5686. £40.00

1413. 1946 MOSCOW v PRAGUE.: Chess Match.

Chess SC, 1946. p/b, G. 60pp. 72 games. Moscow won 51.5 - 20.5. (A.) (The first half of the match was played in Prague, the second in Moscow.) £8.00

896. 1946 NOTTINGHAM. (British Championship.) Ed: Aldis, Reilly & Wood: Nottingham 1946 The Book of the British Federation's Congress.

Chess SC 1946. 1st Edn. Original orange boards, G. 4 photos, 158pp. 66 championship games and 80 from the major tournaments, with notes by I.Konig. 1.R.F.Combe 2.G.Wood ahead of many famous British players. £15.00

1242. 1946 PRAGUE. H.Golombek: Prague 1946.

"Chess" SC, n.d. (c.1950.) 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original maroon cloth, spine a little faded o/w G. 115pp. 91 annotated games. 1.Najdorf 2-3 Stoltz, Trifunovic. (A.) Not in LN. Betts 25-174. £28.00

2037. 1947 GB v CZECHOSLOVAKIA. MIDLANDS v CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Ed: W.Ritson Morry.: The Czechs in Britain.

(Birmingham, 1947.) p/b, title-page browned, G. 77pp. 40 games annotated by the British players. Czechs won first match 12-8, and the second 13.5-6.5. £12.00

360. 1947 HILVERSUM. M.Euwe & L.Eggink.: 101 Partijen van het Europees Schaaktournooi te Hilversum in 1947.

n.p. n.d.(1947). Original cloth, VG. 2 photos, 208pp. The world's first FIDE zonal tournament. 1.O'Kelly 2-3 Pachman, Trifunovich. £25.00

1543. 1947 LUNEBURG. W.Laaser: Das Luneburger Schachturniere.

Otto Meissner verlag (1948). 1st Edn. Original printed card covers, a little worn. G. 64pp. 40 selected games arranged by openings. 1.Bogoljubow 2.Rodl. LN 5711. £15.00

1798. 1947 MOSCOW. (Chigorin Memorial.) Chalupetsky & Florian: Internationales Tschigorin Gedenkturnier.

Kecskemet, (1948.) 1st Edn. Original wrappers, slight wear to spine o/w G. 79pp. 120 games with a few notes. 1.Botvinnik 2.Ragozin 3-4 Boleslavsky, Smyslov. LN 5715. £18.00

1005. 1947 VIENNA. Muller (H.): Das Carl Schlecter Gedenk-Turnier.

Wien 1947. 1st Edn. Original boards, G. 107pp.,3 plates. 120 games. 1.Szabo 2-3 Lokvenc, Kottnauer. LN 5722. (Another copy: G,with d/w. £30.00) £25.00

771. 1948 KARLSBAD/MARIENBAD. Filip (M.) &c: Sachovy Turnaj Zapadoceskych Lazni 1948.

Praha 1951. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth-backed boards, G. 292pp. 190 games. LN 5747. 1.Foltys 2.Barcza 3.Steiner. (Another copy: Good with d/w. £28.00) £20.00

180. 1948 SALTSJOBADEN. Stahlberg (G.): Interzonala Schackturneringen.

Orebro 1949. Original cloth-backed blue boards, some patchy fading, covered with plastic o/w G, inside VG. 359pp, photos, 190 games. A good book of the first Interzonal tournament, with 20 players. 1 Bronstein 2 Szabo. £28.00

478. 1948 THE HAGUE. Prins (L.): Vijf Schaakreuzen voor het Wereldvenster. Wereldkampioenschap 1948 's Gravenhage.

Amsterdam 1948. Pictorial boards, G. 95pp., illus. 20 annotated games from The Hague section of the tournament. £12.00

538. 1948 THE HAGUE/MOSCOW. Euwe (M.): Wereldkampioenschap Schaken 1948.

Lochem: De Tijdstroom, 1948. 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original cream cloth. VG. 252pp., 14pp photographs. 50 games annotated by Euwe, plus 75 previous games between the players. The Official book of the World Championship. LN 5732. 1.Botvinnik 2.Smyslov. £40.00

98. 1948 THE HAGUE/MOSCOW. Golombek (H.): The World Chess Championship 1948.

Bell 1949. 1st Edn. Green cloth, G. 229pp., 3 plates, 50 annotated games, plus biographies and records of the five players. A few light pencil marks. 1.Botvinnik 2 Smyslov. £15.00

594. 1948-49 NEW YORK. Kmoch (H.): The Book of the International Chess Tournament held at the Manhattan Chess Club.

A.S.Pinkus,NY 1950. 1st Edn. Original dark maroon cloth, G. 130pp. 45 games, photos. 1.Fine 2.Najdorf 3-4 Euwe, Pilnik. £30.00

1181. 1949 MOSCOW (17th USSR Ch.): XVII pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow, 1952. Original cloth-backed boards, very worn. 315pp. 190 games. 1-2 Smyslov, Bronstein 3-4 Geller, Taimanov. LN 5775. £15.00

957. 1950 MOSCOW. (18th USSR Ch.) Barcza & Toth: XVIII Szovjet Sakkbajnoksag.

Kecskemet 1951. Original wrappers, sections coming loose, pages yellowed. 111pp. 153 games. 1.Keres. £15.00

814. 1950 VENICE. Kotov (A.): (In Russian.)

Moscow 1952. 1st Edn. Original cloth-backed printed boards, G. 267pp. 120 games. 1 Kotov 2 Smyslov. LN 5817. £20.00

479. 1951 BOTVINNIK-BRONSTEIN. Winter (W.) & R.G.Wade: The World Chess Championship 1951.

Turnstile Press 1951. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket spine yellowed). 133pp.,illus., 24 annotated games. Result 5-5 plus 14 draws, Botvinnik retaining his title. Signed presentation from R.G.Wade to Martin Blaine. (Blaine was a member of Hampstead chess club and a strong county player.) £20.00

1113. 1951 MARIANSKE LAZNE PRAHA.: Pasmovy Turnaj FIDE. (Zonal tournament).

Prague 1952. VG, d/w covered with clear plastic. 264pp. 4 plates of photos. 136 annotated games. 1.Pachman 2.Szabo. Not in LN catalogue. £25.00

1244. 1951 MOSCOW. (19th USSR Ch.): XIX pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow 1953. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 276pp. 153 games. 1.Keres 2-3 Petrosian, Geller. LN 5828. £20.00

3345. 1951 NEW YORK. M.Euwe: Tournooiboek van het Werthheim Memorial International Tournament.

Schaakhuis, Hilversum (1951). Original blue cloth. G. 64pp. 66 games, some annotated, opening theory. 1 Reshevsky 2-3 Euwe, Najdorf. Not in LN catalogue. £20.00

546. 1952 HELSINIKI. Muller (H.): Die Schacholympiade in Helsinki 1952. Die Schonsten Partien. Theoretische Streiflichter. Interessante Kampfbilder.

Globus, Wien 1953. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 120pp., plate, 50 selected annotated games. £16.00

1245. 1952 MOSCOW. (20th USSR Ch.): XX pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow 1954. Original cloth-backed boards, covers soiled o/w G. 270pp. 196 games. Paper yellowed as usual. 1-2 Botvinnik (won play-off), Taimanov 3. Geller. £18.00

1114. 1952 SALTSJOBADEN (Stockholm) (2nd Interzonal). Averbakh & others: (In Russian.)

Moscow 1954. Original brown cloth, wear to joints o/w G. 303pp. 210 games, many annotated. 1.Kotov 2-3 Petrosian, Taimanov 4.Geller. The 2nd Interzonal tournament and Kotov's finest result, 3pts clear. £20.00

3983. 1952 SALTSJOBADEN (Stockholm). (2nd Interzonal.) B.Rabar: II. Meduzonski Turnir.

Sahovska Naklada, Zagreb (1953). 1st Edn. Small p/b, VG. 72pp. 210 games. 1 Kotov (by 3pts) 2-3 Petrosian, Taimanov 4 Geller. The 2nd Interzonal tournament, a landslide for Soviet players, and Kotov's finest result. Not in LN 1955 catalogue. £20.00

5324. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. (Candidate Tournament.) M.Euwe: Schach-Elite im Kampf.

Artemis verlag Zurich, 1954. Edition Olms reprint 1986. F,d/w. 380pp., plates, 210 games, many annotated by Euwe, opening survey by Keres. 1.Smyslov 2-4 Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky. (28 rounds!) £24.00

1223. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. Bronstein (D.): The Chess Struggle in Practice. Candidates Tournament, Zurich 1953. Translated by Oscar D.Freedman. Ed: B.Hochberg.

Batsford 1980. 1st UK Edn. VG, d/w. 499pp. 210 annotated games. 1.Smyslov 2-4 Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky. One of two English translations of the 2nd Russian Edition of this famous work, with Bronstein's renowned annotation. £20.00

2052. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. D.Bronstein: (Candidates' Tournament book in Russian.)

Moscow, 1960. 2nd Edn. Original mauve cloth. G. 496pp. 210 games. A 30 round tournament won by Smyslov. Bronstein's famous work from which the two English translations were taken. £15.00

2875. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. D.Bronstein: (Candidates' Tournament book in Russian.)

Moscow, 1983. 3rd Edn. Original brown imitation leather. VG. 432pp., photos, 210 games. A 30 round tournament won by Smyslov. A de luxe edition of Bronstein's famous work. £20.00

2746. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. D.Bronstein: (Candidates' Tournament book in Russian.)

Moscow, 1956. 1st Edn. Original green cloth. VG. 436pp. 210 games. A 30 round tournament won by Smyslov. Bronstein's famous work. £24.00

1412. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. D.Bronstein.: Zurich International Chess Tournament. Translated from the 2nd Russian edition by Jim Marfia.

Dover, NY 1979. Large p/b, covers creased o/w G. 349pp. 210 games annotated by Bronstein. (A.) One of two English translations of this classic work. £9.00

831. 1954 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV. Golombek (H.): World Chess Championship 1954.

Macgibbon & Kee 1954. 1st Edn. G,d/w (slightly torn at edges). 166pp. 24 annotated games plus previous encounters. Includes clock times after each move. Match drawn 12-12 with Botvinnik retaining his title. £15.00

1246. 1954 KIEV (21st USSR Ch.): XXI pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow 1955. Original cloth-backed boards, spine faded o/w G. 408pp. 190 games. 1 Averbakh 2-3 Korchnoi, Taimanov. £18.00

5222. 1954 USA v USSR; GB v USSR; Sweden v USSR. I.Bondarevsky: Sovetskie Shakmatisty... (Russian book).

(Moscow) 1955. Rebound blue cloth, with original title panel on front cover, VG. In June 1954 match USA v USSR was held in New York, and won 20-12 by USSR. In July the match GB v USSR was held in London, and won 18.5 - 1.5 by USSR. Also in July the match Sweden v USSR was held in Stockholm and won 13-3 by USSR. Includes reports and all 68 games, annotated. £20.00

868. 1954-55 NEW YORK. Evans (L.): Trophy Chess. An Account of the Lessing Rosenwald Tournament, New York, 1954-5.

Scribner's, NY 1956. 1st Edn. VG. Prize label on endpaper. 116pp. 30 games annotated by Evans. 1.Reshevsky 2.Evans. £20.00

820. 1954-56 Dr.Dyckhoff: Fernschach-Gedenkturnier.

De Gruyter, Berlin 1958. Roy8vo, original coloured card covers. VG. 246pp., photos, many annotated correspondence games arranged by opening, from the Dyckhoff Memorial tournament, the top group won by L.Schmid, 2.O'Kelly. £18.00

1247. 1955 MOSCOW (22nd USSR Ch.): XXII pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow 1956. Original cloth-backed boards, spine bit faded, G. 268pp. 197 games. 1-2 Geller (won play-off), Smyslov. £18.00

2292. 1955 NOVI SAD: X Sahovski Sampionat Jugoslavije.

Beograd, (c.1955). p/b, stained on front cover o/w G. 48pp. 153 games. 1 Karaklajic 2 Gligoric 3-4 Rabar, Ivkov. £8.00

1521. 1955 USSR v Hungary: .

Chess SC, 1955. p/b. VG. 24pp. 32 games. (A.) USSR won 20-12. £6.00

3053. 1956 UPPSALA. J.Sajtar: IIIeme Championnat Mondial Universitaire d'Echecs. Resultats.

Prague (1956). p/b. G. 61pp., photos, full results, selection of annotated games. 1.Soviet Union 2.Hungary. (A.) £7.00

1401. 1957 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV. Golombek (H.): World Chess Championship.

MacGibbon & Kee, 1957. 1st Edn. Spine faded, covers a bit marked, internally good. 144pp. The clock times are given after each move. Smyslov won 12.5 - 9.5. (Another copy: G, with d/w torn at edges. £18.00 ) £10.00

1258. 1957 MOSCOW. P.H.Clarke: 24th USSR Chess Championship.

BCM Quarterly No.1 (1957). p/b, VG. 120pp. 231 games, some annotated. 1.Tal 2-3 Bronstein, Keres. 22 players, 21 rounds over 1 month! (A.) £22.00

3294. 1959 YORK Chess Congress.: British Championship Tournament.

Chess SC, (1959) Printed card covers. G. 63pp., illus, 203 games. Swiss system, 1-3 Golombek, Haygarth, Penrose. Penrose won play-off. £14.00

4630. 1959 ZURICH.: 150 Jahre Schachgesellschaft Zurich.

Sondernummer der Schweizerischen Schachzeitung. 1959. p/b, stapled, partly yellowed, G. p.102-126. 120 games, a few with notes. 1 Tal 2 Gligoric 3-4 Fischer, Keres. £8.00

2462. 1960 BOTVINNIK-TAL. M.Tal: (Match book in Russian.)

Riga 1961. Hardback, blue cloth-backed boards, protected with laminated plastic, G. 224pp. The 21 games annotated in detail by Tal, who won 12.5-8.5. Includes clock-times after each move. £14.00

2866. 1961 TAL-BOTVINNIK. S.Flohr: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. Sonderband 2. Weltmeisterschaft 1961.

E.Wildhagen, Hamburg 1961. p/b, white printed covers, yellowed on front o/w G. 78pp. photos, 21 annotated games. Botvinnik won 13 - 8. £15.00

4400. 1962 STOCKHOLM: Interzonal.

(A.Kalnaj, Chicago, n.d.) p/b. G. 64pp. 258 games. (No notes or commentary).1 Fischer 2-3 Petrosian, Geller. 23 players, Fischer 2.5pts clear. £14.00

4834. 1962 VARNA: XV Olympiade d'Echecs. (Yugoslav team results.)

Beograd 1962. p/b. G. 28pp., all 40 games of Yugoslav team, plus further selection of 38 games, photos. 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Argentina. £12.00

3087. 1968 LUGANO (Bulletin): 18 Torneo Olimpico di Scacchi.

Walter Kuhnle-Woods, Zurich (1968.) Large format (210 x 295mm) in brown cloth-covered boards. Some pencil notes o/w VG. Pages not numbered but 30mm thick. Includes all the games, plus full statistics. 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Bulgaria. (A.) £40.00

1348. 1969 PETROSIAN-SPASSKY. Boleslavsky & Bondarevsky: (in Russian.)

Moscow 1970. p/b, tape repair on spine o/w G. 184pp., many fine photos. 23 annotated games. Spassky won 12.5-10.5. £12.00

3063. 1970 SKOPJE: Openings Survey by L.S.Blackstock.

CP No.114. (1970) p/b. VG. 36pp. 120 games. There are two blank pages with loss of about 12 games. 1-2 Taimanov, Vasyukov 3 Gheorghiu. (A.) £4.00

4823. 1971 AMSTERDAM: IBM Scahaaktoernooi.

Amsterdam, 1971. 4to, Set of bulletins in original blue ring binder. G. 186pp. 186 games, some annotated, from GM and Master groups. 1 Smyslov 2-4 Browne, Keres, Portisch. £17.00

2213. 1972 FISCHER - SPASSKY. Roberts, Schonberg, Horowitz & Reshevsky: The New York Times Report on the Chess Match of the Century.

Corgi, 1972. p/b. VG. 218pp. A lot of background information as well as the games. £6.00

2214. 1972 FISCHER - SPASSKY. S.Gligoric: The World Chess Championship Match.

Collins, 1972. p/b. Paper yellowed as usual o/w VG. 128pp., games annotated by Gligoric. £4.00

3854. 1972 FISCHER - SPASSKY: Edmonds (D.) & J.Eidinow: Bobby Fischer Goes to War. The True Story of How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time.

Faber 2004. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 302pp., illus. "Reconstructed in a style as compelling as that of a thriller." The authors had access to previously unreleased documents and numerous interviews with many of the central players. (No games.) (Also: p/b edition. VG. £8.00) £12.00

486. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. Alexander (C.H.O'D): Fischer v.Spassky Reykjavik 1972.

Penguin 1972. Large p/b, G. 144pp., photos. First part includes the run-up to the championship, chapters on Fischer and Spassky, previous encounters, report from Reykjavik before the match began. All games fully annotated. £7.00

84. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. Fine (R.): Bobby Fischer's Conquest of the World's Chess Championship.

Bell 1975. 1st UK Edn. VG, red d/w. 294pp. The psychology and tactics of the match, 21 annotated games. £15.00

2001. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. H.Golombek: World Chess Championship. Introduction by Arthur Koestler.

The Times, 1973. p/b, paper yellowed o/w VG. 138pp. £4.00

2266. 1972 KECSKEMET: IV "Toth Laszlo" Nemzetkozi Sakkverseny.

Kecskemet (1972.) p/b. G. 90pp., photos, 120 games. 1-2 Ribli, Suetin 3 Radulov. £9.00

1107. 1972 SAN ANTONIO.: 'Church's Fried Chicken'.

CP No.149. (1972.) p/b. G. (28)pp. 120 games. 1-3 Karpov, Petrosian, Portisch. £5.00

4375. 1972 SKOPJE: XX Olympiad Skopje 1972.

CP No.148. p/b. VG. (72)pp., photos, selection of about 350 games, many with informator notes. (A.) £7.50

4465. 1972 SKOPJE. J.Flesch & T.Florian: Ezustermes Sakkolimpia Skopje 1972.

Sport Budapest 1973. G. 311pp., photos, selection of 158 games, most annotated, including all Hungarian team games, results, account of Hungarian team. £12.00

483. 1972 SKOPJE. Matanovic (A.): Chess Olympiad Skopje 1972.

Beograd 1972. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w. 214pp., many photos, over 300 games. (A.) £12.00

4563. 1972-73 MELBOURNE. Ed: W.MacLean: Australian Open Chess Championship (2nd.) 100 Best Games.

Chess Mates, Australia 1973. p/b. VG. 57pp., 100 games, most annotated. 1 M.Fuller 2 R.Jamieson 3-4 A.Prods, C.Purdy. £10.00

2252. 1973 AMSTERDAM.: Dertiende IBM Schaaktoernooi.

(Amst. 1973) p/b. G. 216pp., photos, 186 games from GM group, some annotated, 154 from Master group. 1-2 Planinc, Petrosian 3 Kavalek. £10.00

3067. 1973 BATH: European Team Championship.

CP No.164. (1973) p/b. VG. 44pp plus 4pp summary of event. 224 games. 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Hungary. (A.) £7.00

100. 1973 BATH. Keene, Raines & Cromblehome: The European Team Championship.

Batsford 1974. VG,d/w. 199pp. 224 games. 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Hungary. (Another copy: VG, no d/w. £10.00 ) £12.00

3327. 1973 DORTMUND. M.von Fondern: II Internationalen Deutsche Schacheinzelmeisterschaft.

Beyer verlag, 1973. p/b. VG. 166pp., photos, articles, 120 games, some annotated. 1-3 Hecht, Andersson, Spassky. £12.00

2888. 1973 HILVERSUM. M.Euwe: AVRO Schaaktoernooi 1973.

Unieboek, Bussum (1973.) p/b, VG. 159pp., illus. 56 games, some annotated. 1-2 Geller, Szabo 3 Ljubojevic. £10.00

2408. 1973 LENINGRAD (Interzonal.): (Tournament book in Russian.)

Moscow 1974. Hardcover, G. 279pp. 153 games, most annotated. 1-2 Karpov, Korchnoi 3 R.Byrne. £12.00

4008. 1973 PETROPOLIS (or BRASILIA) (Interzonal.): (Tournament book in Russian.)

Moscow 1974. Hardcover, G. 215pp. 165 games, most annotated. 1 Mecking 2-4 Geller, Polugaevsky, Portisch. £12.00

1903. 1973 WIJK AAN ZEE: Toernooiboek 35e Hoogoven Schaaktoernooi.

(1973.) p/b. G. 239pp., photos, 120 games each from GM group and Master group, some annotated. 1.Tal 2.Balashov. £10.00

487. 1974 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. Hartston & Keene: Karpov-Korchnoi 1974.

OUP 1974. p/b. VG. 94pp. (A.) Karpov won 12.5-11.5. £5.00

101. 1974 NICE. Keene & Levy: Chess Olympiad Nice 1974. World Team Championship.

Batsford 1975. 1st. VG,d/w. 200pp. 123 games, many annotated, results tables. £12.00

4371. 1974 WIJK AAN ZEE: (36th Hoogovens Tournament.)

CP No.178. (1974). p/b. VG. (32)pp. 120 games, informator notes, 2pp summary. 1 Browne 2 Donner. (A.) £5.00

1548. 1974- THE POTTER MEMORIAL. K.Messere: International Postal Chess Tournament.

Chess SC (1978) p/b. VG. 110pp., photos, biographies. 78 games, some annotated. (A.) 1.Hollis 2.Kauranen. £7.00

2333. 1977-78 GRONINGEN (European Junior Ch.): Derde Gasunie Schaaktoernooi 1978. Europees Jeugdkampioenschap.

1978. p/b. G. 168pp, photos, 176 games, some annotated. 1-3 Taulbut, Dolmatov, K.Georgiev. £8.00

2442. 1978 BUGOJNO: Ed: Wade, Blackstock & Thomas.

Master Chess (1978). p/b. VG. (40)pp. 120 games, with informator style notes. 1-2 Karpov, Spassky 3 Timman. (A.) £5.00

2027. 1978 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. J.H.Donner: Dagboek van de Tweekamp Karpov-Kortsjnoi.

Schaakbulletin, Amsterdam 1978. p/b. G. 144pp. 32 games, with introductions and general commentary, Karpov winning 16.5-15.5. £8.00

1435. 1978 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. Keene (R.): The Inside Story of the Match.

Batsford 1978. 1st. p/b. previous owner inscription o/w VG. 159pp. 32 games, Karpov winning 16.5-15.5. £5.00

1221. 1978 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. Larsen (B.): World Chess Championship.

Unwin, 1978. 1st. p/b, G. 143pp. Held in Baguio City, Philippines, the match was full of incidents and lasted for three months. Karpov won 16.5-15.5. £7.00

522. 1978 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. Tal (M.) & D.Bjelica: Report from Baguio.

Belgrade 1979. 1st Edn. VG, d/w sellotaped to covers. 272pp., photos, 32 games annotated by Tal. Karpov won 6-5 on wins. A detailed work with much background information, interviews etc. (A.) £25.00

669. 1978 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. Bouwmeester, van den Herik, Jongsma: Het Schaak der Wrake de Tweekamp Karpov-Kortsjnoi.

Spectrum 1978. 1st. p/b. VG. 224pp. 32 annotated games. Karpov won 6-5 with 21 draws. £8.00

3324. 1978 KIEV. P.Marusenko & V.Peresipkin: Kiev International. (In Russian).

Kiev, 1980. p/b. G. 101pp., illus. 105 games, most annotated. 1 Belyavsky 2-4 Kuzmin, Palatnik, Savon. A Soviet collector's item - Lev Alburt, who was 5th, defected to the USA in 1979 and became a non-person in the USSR. All his games are omitted, there is no crosstable or index! Only the epilogue at end mentions that there were 120 games. £14.00

1188. 1978/1981 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. Karpov & Baturinsky: From Baguio to Merano. The World Championship Matches.

Pergamon 1986. 1st English Edn. p/b, VG. 109pp. No games, but a detailed account of the two acrimonious matches from the Soviet and Karpov's points of view, also revealing his methods of preparation. £8.00

2848. 1979 LONDON: Lloyds Bank Masters. Bulletin.

1979. 40pp loose leaf in card folder. G. 189 games. Swiss system - 1-3 M.Chandler, Haik, Westerinen. (A.) £8.00

2382. 1979 RIGA. Miles & Speelman: Interzonal.

Batsford 1979. p/b. VG. 80pp. 153 games. (A.) 1Tal 2 Polugaevsky 3-4 Adorjan, Ribli.. £7.00

2257. 1979 TILBURG: Tournooimagazine. Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

(1979.) Large p/b. VG. 64pp., photos, 66 games. 1 Karpov 2 Romanishin 3 Portisch. £8.00

1791. 1979 TILBURG.: Grossmeisterturnier.

R.Schmaus, Heidelberg (1979). p/b. VG. 31pp. 66 games with notes by S.Samarian. 1 Karpov 2 Romanishin 3 Portisch. £6.00

3288. 1979 WIJK AAN ZEE: 41e Hoogoven Schaaktoernooi. Persbulletin.

Oce-Nederland BV 18.1/1.2 1979. Large p/b. G. 17pp. 62 games from GM group. 1Polugaevsky 2-4 Sosonko, Andersson, Miles. £7.00

5380. 1979-81. BBC Master Game. James, Barden & Hartston: The Master Game. Book 2.

BBC 1981. Large p/b, some cover wear o/w G. 159pp., photos. 41 annotated games from the last 3 series shown by the BBC, in which the players give a running commentary of their thoughts. (A.) £6.00

5350. 1980 ADELAIDE. (Australian Championship.) Rogers (Ian): Australian Chess into the Eighties.

Sun Books, Melbourne, 1981. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 168pp., photos. Selection of 50 annotated games. Ian Rogers was the clear winner of this open Swiss tournament. £12.00

4150. 1980 QUILMES.: Campeonatos Argentinos de Ajedrez Ciudad de Quilmes.

Lachaga, Argentina 1980. p/b. G. 48pp. 150 games from the GM tournament with brief notes, plus selection of 11 from female tournament. 1 Quinteros 2 Rubinetti. Limited to 300 copies. £12.00

488. 1981 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. Keene (R.): Karpov-Korchnoi. Massacre in Merano.

Batsford 1981. p/b. G. 122pp. (A.) Karpov won 11-7. £5.00

2343. 1981 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. L.Pachman: Kortschnoi-Karpow. Entscheidung in Meran.

Rau 1981. p/b. F. 103pp, illus. Karpov won 11-7. £7.50

1792. 1982 LONDON. R.Keene: Phillips & Drew Kings and Knights Chess Tournaments.

BCM Quarterly No.20 (1982.) p/b. VG. 121pp. 91 games, some annotated, photos. 1-2 Andersson, Karpov 3 Seirawan. (A.) £8.00

4470. 1982 LUZERN. Solt Dezso: Luzern 1982.

Budapest 1983. Hardback, VG. 66pp., selection of c.350 men's and 200 women's games without notes, including all games of top 5 teams, preface in several languages. £14.00

3999. 1983 BATH. H.Pfleger & E.Kurz: Turnier der Schachgrossmeister'83. Mastergame Bath.

Falken Verlag, 1983. p/b. VG. 176pp., photos, annotated games with thoughts of the players, biographies. 2 groups of 4 players, with Karpov v Miles in the final. £12.00

569. 1983 KASPAROV-KORCHNOI. Keene (R.) & D.Lawson: Kasparov-Korchnoi. The London Contest.

Batsford 1983. p/b. 96pp. G. (A.) Kasparov won 7-4. £6.00

2259. 1983 TILBURG: 7e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

(1984.) p/b. G. 208pp., photos, 66 games, many annotated. 1 Karpov 2-3 Lubojevic, Portisch. £10.00

3861. 1984 USSR v Rest of the World. E.Schiller: London, June 1984.

Chess Player / ACP 1984. p/b, VG. 43pp. 40 games, a few annotated, introduction to each round, interview with Kasparov. Also 10 games from Kasparov simul against British & US juniors. A 4 round 10 board match, USSR won 21-19. (A.) £8.00

1186. 1985 KARPOV - KASPAROV. Bohm (H.) & J.Mulder: Wereldtweekamp Schaken '85.

Elsevier, Amst. 1985. p/b. VG. 128pp., photos, annotated games. Kasparov won 13-11. £7.50

103. 1985 KARPOV-KASPAROV II. Keene & Goodman.: Manoeuvres in Moscow.

Batsford 1985. p/b. G. 124pp., background information, annotated games. Kasparov won 13-11. (A.) £7.00

489. 1985 KARPOV-KASPAROV. Kasparov (G.): New World Chess Champion.

Pergamon 1986. Large p/b, back cover with staining to edge and crease o/w G. 117pp., photos. (A.) 24 games annotated by Kasparov who won 13-11. Also includes the scores for the 48 game aborted 1984-5 match. "Among the best analytical works ever published." (Timman, on Kasparov, NIC 2005/3.) (Another copy: VG. £10.00). £6.00

3459. 1985 KARPOV-KASPAROV. Kasparov (G.): Weltmeisterschaft 1985.

Rau verlag 1986. p/b. VG. 132pp. (A.) 24 games annotated by Kasparov who won 13-11. Also includes the scores for the 48 game aborted 1984-5 match. "Among the best analytical works ever published." (Timman, on Kasparov, NIC 2005/3.) £7.50

3881. 1985 KARPOV-KASPAROV. Pfleger, Borik & Kipp-Thomas: Schach-wm'85 Karpow-Kasparow.

Falken Verlag 1985. p/b. VG. 128pp., interviews, photos, fully annotated games, including some from the first aborted match. Kasparov won 13-11. £10.00

3083. 1986 KASPAROV - KARPOV. G.Ligterink: De Matches.

de Volkskrant, Amsterdam 1986. p/b. G. 103pp. Comprises Ligterink's reports from London & Leningrad. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. Also includes all games from the previous two matches. £7.00

906. 1986 KASPAROV - KARPOV. Keene & Goodman: The Centenary Match. Kasparov - Karpov III.

Batsford 1986. 1st. p/b. VG. 124pp. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. (A.) £5.00

1560. 1986 KASPAROV - KARPOV. M.Aaron: World Chess Championship, London - Leningrad.

Chess Mate, India 1986. p/b. VG. 52pp. (A.) Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £7.00

3880. 1986 KASPAROV - KARPOV. Pfleger, Borik & Kipp-Thomas: Die Schach-Revanche Kasparow / Karpow 1986. Mit Zwei Psychogrammen von Dr.phil.Reinhard Munzert.

Falken Verlag 1986. p/b. VG. 140pp., photos, fully annotated games. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £10.00

490. 1986 KASPAROV-KARPOV. Kasparov (G.): London-Leningrad Championship Games. Rematch.

Pergamon 1987. p/b. G. 143pp. 24 games annotated by Kasparov who won 12.5-11.5. (A.) "Among the best analytical works ever published. The annotations to the 16th game fill up 20 pages!" (Timman, on Kasparov, NIC 2005/3.) £10.00

2224. 1986 KASPAROV-KARPOV. Wade, Miles, Bronstein & others: The Book of the World Championship. London / Leningrad.

Chequers, 1986. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 24 annotated games, and diagrams every two moves. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. (A.) £8.00

5194. 1986-1987 Kasparov - Karpov. KASPAROV (G.): Garry Kasparov on Modern Chess. Part 3 Kasparov vs Karpov 1986-1987. (The 3rd and 4th Matches.)

Everyman 2009. Large red hardback, VG,d/w. 432pp., 51 games annotated in depth, and Kasparov's accounts of those titanic matches. (A.) Uniform with his series "My Great Predecessors." £28.00

3430. 1987 AMSTERDAM: 6th OHRA Grootmeestertoernooi. Bulletin.

Amsterdam, 1987. Large p/b. G. 78pp., photos, 30 games "Kroongroep" 1.Van der Wiel. 156 games GM 9 rnd swiss - 1 Hort 2 Gavrikov. £8.00

3964. 1987 BRUSSELS. H.Bohm: Swift-Chess (Blitz) World Championship 1987.

Interchess BV, Amsterdam 1987. p/b. VG. 20pp. 134 games. 1 Kasparov 2 Timman 3-4 Karpov, Ljubojevic. (A.) £6.00

1185. 1987 KASPAROV - KARPOV IV. Keene, Goodman & Spanier: Showdown in Seville.

Batsford 1987. p/b. VG. 126pp. Match drawn 12-12 with Kasparov winning the final game to retain his title. (A.) £7.50

2882. 1987 KASPAROV - KARPOV. H.Bohm: Wereldtweekamp Schaken '87 in Sevilla.

Tirion, Baarn 1988. p/b. VG. 128pp., photos. Match drawn 12-12 with Kasparov winning the final game to retain his title. £7.00

2881. 1987 KASPAROV - KARPOV. Pfleger, Borik & Kipp-Thomas: Schach WM 87 Kasparow/Karpow.

Falken Verlag 1987. p/b. VG. 136pp., photos, fully annotated games. Match drawn 12-12 with Kasparov winning the final game to retain his title. £9.00

491. 1987 KASPAROV-SHORT. Keene (R.): Speed Chess Challenge.

Batsford 1987. 1st Edn. Large p/b. G. 96pp., photos, 6 games with a diagram after every move. Kasparov won 4-2. (A.) £5.00

3431. 1988 AMSTERDAM: 7th OHRA Grootmeestertoernooi. Bulletin.

Amsterdam, 1988. Large p/b. VG. 99pp., photos, introduction, 30 games "Kroongroep" 1 Korchnoi 2 Nunn. 138 games GM 9 rnd Swiss - 1-3 Gulko, Gelfand, Lobron. £10.00

4405. 1988 SAS VAN GENT (Nederland). M.Ploeger: 15e Internationaal ECI Schaaktoernooi.

Sasvan Gent, 1988. p/b, G, but many pen notes and marks to some pages. 71pp., photos, 171 games from Euwe Memorial group and youth group, a few annotated. Euwe group: 1 Cardon 2-4 Weemaes, Pirisi, Vogel. £8.00

4818. 1989 AMSTERDAM: Verenigde Spaarbank Toernooi 1989.

Utrecht (1989). p/b. VG. 92pp., photos. 12 annotated games. 4 player double round event 1 Timman 2 Short 3 Salov 4 Hjartarson. £10.00

3328. 1990 GRONINGEN.: European Open Chess Tournament.

Groningen, 1991. Large p/b. VG. 139pp., photos, 146 games from Invitation Group and GM Open, a few annotated. Invitation - 1-4 Adams, Rogers, Piket, Khalifmann. £10.00

3470. 1990 KASPAROV-KARPOV. B.Wall: World Chess Championship.

Chess Enterprises, 1991. p/b. VG. 105pp., introduction, 24 annotated games. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. (A.) £7.00

492. 1990 KASPAROV-KARPOV. Kasparov, Geller &c.: Kasparov v Karpov 1990.

Pergamon 1991. p/b. VG. 151pp. (A.) Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £6.00

2883. 1990 KASPAROV-KARPOV. O.Borik & H.Pfleger: Schach-WM 1990.

Falken Verlag 1991. p/b, previous owner bookplate and name on title o/w VG. 136pp., photos. 24 annotated games. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £8.00

2028. 1990 KASPAROV-KARPOV. Pliester & Douven: K - K New York - Lyon.

Eindhoven, 1990. p/b. VG. 110pp., photos. 24 annotated games. Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £8.00

2800. 1990 KASPAROV-KARPOV. R.Keene: Battle of the Titans. New York - Lyons.

Batsford 1991. p/b. VG. 124pp. (A.) Kasparov won 12.5-11.5. £7.00

2325. 1990 TILBURG: 14e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

1990. p/b, a few pages loosening o/w G. 237pp., many photos, interviews, 56 games, all annotated. 1-2 Kamsky, Ivanchuk 3 Gelfand. £10.00

2340. 1991 AMSTERDAM. H.Bohm: VSB Schaaktoernooi.

Tirion, Baarn 1991. p/b, VG. 165pp., photos, 45 annotated games. 1-2 Salov, Short 3-4 Karpov, Kasparov. £10.00

2255. 1991 GRONINGEN.: European Open Chess Tournament.

Groningen, 1992. Large p/b. G. 141pp., photos, 165 games from Invitation Group and GM Open, a few annotated. Invitation - 1-2 Piket, C.Hansen. £10.00

4355. 1992 DORTMUND. Konikowski, Schulenburg & Treppner: Das Buch zum Turnier.

Beyer verlag 1992. p/b. F. 175pp., photos, player profiles, 47 annotated games. 1-2 Kasparov, Ivanchuk 3 Bareev. £14.00

2256. 1993 GRONINGEN: 32e Internationaal Schaaktoernooi. WK-Kwalificatietoernooi PCA.

Groningen, 1994. Large p/b. G. 277pp., photos, 297 games from PCA Qualifier, some annotated, many others from GM Open. PCA - 1-2 Adams, Anand 3-7 incl Kamsky, Kramnik. A nice production. £14.00

435. 1993 KASPAROV-SHORT. Lawson (D.): The Inner Game.

Macmillan 1993. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 249pp. The inside story of the 1993 Kasparov-Short match written in an incisive and entertaining style by a close friend of Short. 20 games without notes at end. £8.00

4091. 1994 BUENOS AIRES. D.Kohlmeyer: Sizilianisch Pur. Buenos Aires '94. (Sicilian Defence theme tournament.)

Verlag Bock & Kubler, Berlin 1995. Large hardback, d/w. VG. 112pp, photos, a few coloured, various articles, 56 games, some annotated, also 12 famous Sicilian games. 1 Salov 2 Anand 3-4 Ivanchuk, J.Polgar. (A.) A high-quality production on glossy paper. £15.00

4078. 1994 GRONINGEN: 33e Internationaal Schaaktoernooi. WK-Kwalificatietoernooi PCA.

Groningen, 1995. Large p/b, VG. 189,xvipp., photos, 219 games from GM Invitation and Open tournaments, some annotated. Invitation - 1 Almasi 2 Yusupov. A nice production. £14.00

4821. 1995 AMSTERDAM: Toernooiboek 2e Donner Memorial.

Schaaksport Nederland 1995. p/b, VG. 176pp. All games from GM event, some annotated, plus selection from Open, photos, interviews. GM - 1-2 Timman, Granda Zuniga 3 J.Polgar. Open - 1 J.M.Hodgson. £12.00

2434. 1995 KASPAROV - ANAND. J.Hall & J.R.Cartier: A View from the Top. The Kasparov - Anand PCA Match, New York 1995.

Hays, US 1996. p/b. F. 123pp. Kasparov won 10.5-7.5. (A.) £7.00

4471. 1995 KASPAROV-ANAND: 1995 Intel World Chess Championship, Observation Deck, World Trade Center, Sept.11 - Oct.13.

PCA, Official Program. Large format p/b. F. 24pp. Introduction by Maurice Ashley, welcomes from Mayor Giuliani, Intel & PCA, rating list, profiles and photos of Kasparov and Anand, previous encounters, score table, chess in New York article, article on World Trade Center. A collector's item. £10.00

383. 1995 KASPAROV-ANAND. Keene (R.): World Chess Championship.

Batsford 1995. VG. p/b. 128pp. Kasparov 10.5-Anand 7.5. (A.) £7.00

494. 1995 KASPAROV-ANAND. King (D.): World Chess Championship 1995.

Cadogan 1995. p/b. VG. 128pp. (A.) Kasparov won 10.5-7.5. £7.00

2962. 1995 KASPAROV-ANAND. W.Uhlmann & G.Treppner: PCA Schachweltmeisterschaft 1995. mit Kandidatenkampfen und den Wichtigsten Turnieren 1993-1995.

Beyer verlag, 1995. p/b. F. 142pp., illus. (A.) Kasparov won 10.5-7.5. £8.00

3436. 1996 KARPOV - KAMSKY. B.Jacobs: World Championship.

Tournament Chess, 1996. p/b. F. 34pp. Part 1 - 18 games, Karpov won 10.5-7.5. Part 2 - A useful summary of world championship matches from 1886-1996. (A.) £6.00

4508. 1996 NOVGOROD, POLANICA ZDROJ, AMSTERDAM, BIEL. 1920 BERLIN.: Cesko Slovenskeho Sachoveho Bulletinu.

Turnajovy Servis 10, 1996. p/b. G. 32pp. All the games from 5 events with Czech notation. £5.00

2166. 1997 KASPAROV vs DEEP BLUE. R.Keene, T.Buzan and D.Goodman: Man Versus Machine.

Buzan Centres 1997. 1st. p/b. F. 128pp. Deep Blue won 3.5-2.5. (A.) £7.50

2429. 1997 KASPAROV vs DEEPER BLUE. D.King: Kasparov v Deeper Blue.

Batsford 1997. p/b. F. 112pp., photos, background info, previous games. Deep Blue won 3.5-2.5. (A.) £7.00

3978. 2005 SAN LUIS. A.Gershon & I.Nor: San Luis 2005. (FIDE World Championship Tournament.)

Quality Chess 2007. 1st Edn. Large p/b, VG. 442pp., many coloured photos, forewords by Short & Topalov, round-by-round reports, 56 games annotated in-depth. 1 Topalov 2-3 Svidler, Anand. Topalov became FIDE World Champion. One of the best tournament books in the last twenty years. (A.) £16.00

5247. 2006 KRAMNIK - TOPALOV. V.Topalov & Z.Ginchev: Topalov - Kramnik 2006 World Chess Championship. On the Edge in Elista.

Russell Ent. 2007. p/b. Fine. 220pp., photos, an in-depth and very personal account of this acrimonious match from Topalov's side. Main match tied 6-6, Kramnik won the four game rapid play-off 2.5-1.5. Includes interviews with Topalov. (A.) £12.00

2942. Cafferty (B.) & M.Taimanov: The Soviet Championships.

Cadogan, 1998. VG, d/w. 224pp., photos. The 58 Soviet Championships from 1920 to 1991, each with crosstable, introduction and one or two of the best games annotated by Taimanov. (A.) "The definitive record." £18.00

5317. Di Felice (G.): Chess Competitions 1824 - 1970: An Annotated International Bibliography of Books, Bulletins, and Programs.

Moravian Chess 2014. New hardback. 554pp. The bibliography is divided into five parts, part one is devoted to individual tournaments, part two to individual matches, part three to team tournaments, part four to team matches and part five is devoted to correspondence competitions. The book is completed by a list of sources and a general index of competitions. £36.00

2902. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1747-1900. A Comprehensive Record with 465 Tournament Crosstables and 590 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2009. Repr. large p/b. 235pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Has 135 more crosstables than Gaige Vol.1. £34.00

3146. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1901-1920. A Comprehensive Record with 860 Tournament Crosstables and 375 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2006. New large p/b. 321pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Has 85 more crosstables than Gaige Vol.2-3. £34.00

3245. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1921-1930. A Comprehensive Record with 940 Tournament Crosstables and 210 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2006. New large p/b. 342pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Has 130 more crosstables than Gaige Vol.4. £34.00

3407. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1931-1935. A Comprehensive Record with 1,065 Tournament Crosstables and 190 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2006. New large p/b. 410pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. This volume now extends beyond the 4 vol Gaige work which ended with 1930. £34.00

3637. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1936-1940. A Comprehensive Record with 990 Tournament Crosstables and 125 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2007. New large p/b. 380pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. This volume now extends beyond the 4 vol Gaige work which ended with 1930. Many obscure events are included as well as the major tournaments. £34.00

3956. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1941-1946. A Comprehensive Record with 810 Tournament Crosstables and 80 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2008. New large p/b. 366pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. An invaluable record as the famous 4 vol Gaige work stopped at 1930. Many obscure events are included as well as the major tournaments. £34.00

3957. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1947-1950. A Comprehensive Record with 980 Tournament Crosstables and 155 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2008. New large p/b. 485pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. An invaluable record as the famous 4 vol Gaige work stopped at 1930. Many obscure events are included as well as the major tournaments. £34.00

4293. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1951-1955. A Comprehensive Record with 1620 Tournament Crosstables and 144 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2010. New large p/b. 596pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £35.00

4294. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1956-1960. A Comprehensive Record with 1390 Tournament Crosstables and 142 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2010. New large p/b. 572pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £35.00

4905. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1961-1963. A Comprehensive Record with 938 Tournament Crosstables and 108 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2013. New large p/b. 444pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £35.00

4906. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1964-1967. A Comprehensive Record with 1204 Tournament Crosstables and 158 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2013. New large p/b. 556pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £35.00

4908. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1968-1970. A Comprehensive Record with 854 Tournament Crosstables and 161 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2014. New large p/b. 444pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £35.00

63. Euwe (Dr.M.): Meet the Masters. The Modern Chess Champions and their Most Characteristic Games. With Annotations and Biographies.

Pitman 1940. 1st Edn. G, with scarce d/w torn with loss on corners, some pen marking. 279pp., photos. Alekhine, Capablanca, Flohr, Botvinnik, Reshevsky, Fine, Keres, Euwe. £10.00

5191. Gaige (J.): Chess Tournament Crosstables. Vol.III. (1911-1920.)

Privately Printed, Philadelphia, 1972. Original blue cloth, VG. Gives over 375 crosstables in all. Scarce. £30.00

2641. Harding (T.D.) Ed: Games of World Correspondence Chess Championships I - X.

Batsford, 1987. Revised Edn. VG,d/w (jacket slightly faded on spine). 246pp. "Contains virtually all of the 1000 or so games played", with informator-style notes, and full crosstables of the ten events and preliminary groups played between 1950 & 1984. (A.) £16.00

4347. Jones (R.H.): 60 Years in the Same Room. A History of the Paignton Chess Congress.

Keverel Chess Books, 2010. New p/b (17x24cm). 157pp., 80 pictures (8 in colour), 27 charts and cross-tables, 60 games, some annotated by famous players or hitherto unpublished. A detailed story of the event itself from 1951 to the present day, sketches of ten personalities connected with the congress in some way, including Golombek, B.H.Wood, Rowena & Ron Bruce, Ritson Morry, Michael Adams & Keith Arkell, a chapter on the remarkable Singer family whose magnificent home became the venue of this annual event. (A.) £16.00

979. Kuiper (Dr.P.F.): Hundert Jahre Schachturniere 1851-1950.

Amsterdam, 1964. 1st Edn. G, in a worn and repaired d/w. Lots of red and blue pen notes and markings, plus cuttings. 307pp., many excellent photos. Includes tournament results, including cross-tables for important events, occasional games, list of masters with their career results. With a signed note of the author included. £30.00