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2141. (Boden (S.S.)): A Popular Introduction to the Study and Practice of Chess...By an Amateur.

Charles J.Skeet, 1851. 1st Edn. Original blind-stamped cloth, cloth split on joints, head and foot of spine worn with loss, top third of title-page torn with loss of two words (facsimile title-page also provided). pp (viii), 196. LN 789. A scarce work. Samuel Boden was an active player in the 1850's and played many friendly games with Morphy who declared him to be the strongest English player. This was his only chess book, "an excellent guide, introducing the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit which at once became popular." (Oxford Companion.) A well-used copy, hence the price - 75.00

5280. --- JUST PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Paul Felix Schmidt, by A.J.Gillam.

2017. Paperback; 229 pages; 29 cross tables; career record; brief biography; many diagrams and a few illustrations; 254 games and positions from 1931-1971 all that we could find; many with notes, many by Schmidt; he was one of the strongest players in the world in the early 1940s with a retro-grading over 2600. (Note: This is not the book originally intended. That book, with a detailed historical background and family history, will not appear. The family and historical information will now be published separately by another publisher.) 20.00

5279. --- JUST PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.111

. Tournaments of 1916 by A.J.Gillam. Amsterdam, April, 1916; Amsterdam, July/August, 1916; Budapest, September/October, 1916; Budapest, November/December, 1916; Arnhem 1916; Utrecht 1916; Vienna, Trebitsch Memorial, 1916/17. 68 pages; 7 cross tables; over 40 diagrams; nearly 100 games and positions, with notes where available; background information; several of these tournaments are rare and their cross tables do not appear in the published reference books. Stapled booklet on gold coloured paper, with plastic jacket. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. 12.00

5278. ---- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.V. No.17.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2016. New h/b. 634pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Early Career of F.D.Yates, second part (1907-1908) 92 pages, Biographies & games of Chigorin pt.3, W.Maczuski, Forgotten chess tournaments - 10th District of Columbia Championship Tournament, Spring 1939; International Tournament of Graz 1890; Matches Dubois v Wyvill 1845-46; Euwe v Keres 1939-40; Staunton, Morphy, Alekhine, Capablanca, Lasker, Steinitz etc., with unknown games, Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898 First Part; Women's Chess- Louisa Fagan Pt.1 1899; Contents of QCH Vol.9-16; Chess research and miscellany, 1916 Rice Memorial Problem and Endgame Tournament 1916; 413 games in all. Contributors: Fiala, Gillam, Hilbert, Ansel, Zavatarelli, Bottlik, Pallier. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) 28.00

3538. 1929 KARLSBAD. Ed: J.Spence: All Games from the Carlsbad International Chess Congress.

Omaha, Nebraska (1956.) Foreign Tournament Series Vol.4. 4to, original comb-bound pink card covers, light patchy fading. G. pp (v), 62, mimeographed single-sided. 231 games, some with notes. 22 players! 1.Nimzowitsch 2-3 Capablanca, Spielmann. Limited Edition of 175 copies. 35.00

1539. 1952 BUDAPEST. H.Golombek: Maroczy Memorial Tournament.

BCM (1952.) Card covers, cloth spine. G. 84pp. 153 games. A previous owner has written Brighton March 1953 on the title-page in bright ink. (A.) 1.Keres 2.Geller. 18.00

1144. Anderson (G.F.): Are There Any? A Chess Problem Book.

Stroud News & Journal Ltd (1958.) 1st Edn. Original green cloth, VG. 149pp. THE FIRST BOOK OF KRIEGSPIEL PROBLEMS. Scarce. 60.00

867. ATKINS. Coles (R.N.): H.E.Atkins: Doyen of British Chess Champions.

Pitman 1952. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (slightly nicked on edges). Portrait, 144pp. Biography and 50 annotated games. Scarce. 35.00

2348. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Dover 1979 reprint of 1899 edition, with new introduction by David Hooper. p/b, VG. Portrait, 331pp. 407 games. 15.00

934. GELLER (E.): Grandmaster Geller at the Chessboard. Translated by B.Cafferty.

CP No.83. 1969. 1st English Edn. P/b, VG. 181pp. Biography and 86 annotated games. Handwritten opening index at end. Quite scarce. 16.00

5283. Hastings & St.Leonards Chess Club: Newspaper cuttings from the "Hastings Observer" newspaper.

(1897-1900, 1903-1906.) Consecutive newspaper columns from Dec.4th,1897 to May 28th,1898; Oct.15th,1898 to Sept.22nd, 1900; Dec.5th,1903 to June 4th,1904; Aug.27th,1904 to Sept.10th,1904; Oct.1st 1904 to Feb.24th 1906. Mounted in two volumes (18 x 24cm), contemporary half leather bindings, spines worn with some loss of leather. Cuttings are mounted two columns to each page, 95 + 117 pages, plus handwritten indexes of games, problems, endings & positions, matches played by Hastings chess club, special events. Includes reports on all matches of Hastings CC with full board results, many games, chess news, particularly concerning Hastings events and the club. The "Hastings Observer" is a tabloid newspaper which has been published weekly since 1859. 150.00

3833. LEONARD. J.S.Hilbert: The Tragic Life and Short Chess Career of James A.Leonard, 1841-1862. Foreword by Edward Winter.

McFarland, US 2014. Repr., soft cover edition. 213pp., biography, illustrations, 92 annotated games. Leonard was a brilliant young player viewed as a possible successor to Paul Morphy, and who died in the American Civil War. Includes good coverage of American chess in the eary 1860's. (A.) 23.00

204. MARSHALL (F.J.): Chess Openings. With Biographical Sketch and Selection of Thirty-Two Games, Played 1899-1904.

BCM, Leeds 1904. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, G. Portrait, pp iv,185,(3) adverts. The first collection of Marshall's games. 45.00

1494. MORPHY. P.W.Sergeant: Morphy Gleanings.

Printing Craft, 1932. 1st Edn. Spine faded as usual o/w VG. Frontispiece portrait, 5 plates, 114pp. Some 50 annotated games, and much interesting biographical material. Scarce. 42.00

5285. PERIODICAL: Chess Player's Chronicle (The.) (Ed: H.Staunton.) Vol.5.

R.Hastings, 1845. Contemporary full brown leather, blind-stamped and gilt-ruled, title-label, a nice copy. Colour-printed title-page, 400 pages including index at end. Includes many games, problems, articles. Includes lengthy coverage of the match between Staunton and St.Amant. 160.00

1799. Pruen (Thomas) & Philidor: An Introduction to the History and Study of Chess; with Copious Descriptions.... To which is Added The Analysis of Chess of Andre Danican Philidor. The Whole Simplified and Arranged in a Manner Entirely New, by an Amateur.

Cheltenham, Printed by H.Ruff. 1804. 1st and Only Edition by Pruen. Contemporary calf, rebacked, spine gilt-ruled with black title-label. A nice copy. Without the frontispiece as often found. pp xii, 314. LN 607. A scarce edition of Philidor, but also including other interesting chapters on the history of chess, the powerful effects of chess on the mind and passions, chesspieces, famous players and books on chess, Franklin's Morals of Chess, laws and practical play etc.. 240.00

5284. Tartakower (S.): The Hypermodern Game of Chess. (Translated by Jared Becker.)

Russell Enterprises, USA 2015. Large new p/b. 411pp., illustrations, 108 annotated games from 1914-1925. The first English language translation of Tartakower's highly acclaimed work "Die Hypermoderne Schachpartie" (2nd Edn, 1925). With an emphasis on opening theory, there are also essays on strategy, tactics, endings, history and other chess-related topics, all presented in Tartakower's wonderful writing style. (A.) 30.00

1430. Wenman (P.): Thirty Chess Problems.

Leeds, 1945. 2nd Edn. very small p/b. VG. 33p. 5.00

2459. Whitaker (N.T.) & G.E.Hartleb: 365 Selected Endings. 365 Ausgewahlte Endspiele. With Bibliography of Endgame Books.

Heidelberg, 1960. 1st Edn. in English and German. p/b, G. Most from named studies, with solutions at end and bibliography of 300 books. Scarce title. 14.00