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5328. --- JUST PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.124

. Tournaments of 1924. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 43 pages; about 31 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Prague 1924: Olympic Training Tournament; 6 of 11 games. Belgium v Netherlands 1924: 9 of the 10 games. France v Netherlands 1924: all 10 games Bremen 1924: 11 out of 15 games from the top group and 2 out of 6 from the second group. Rotterdam 1924: all 15 games plus one game from the second group. Brussels 1924: 17 out of 30 games from the 4th Belgian Ch. New York (Dimock) 1924: 20 games out of 39 played; Bishop's Opening in all games.. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. 10.00

5329. --- JUST PUBLISHED CHESS PLAYER BOOK:: Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.125

. Tournaments of 1921. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 51 pages; about 32 diagrams; many games with notes; cross tables; Amsterdam (Student Ch.) 1921: 5 of 6 games. Atlantic City 1921: 29 of 66 games.Nijmegen 1951: (Dutch Champ.) all 28 games; 4 games from lower sections. New York (Dimock) 1921: a fixed opening tournament the Greco Counter Gambit; 7 of 12 games. Cleveland 1921: (5th US Open) 25 of 66 games. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. 12.00

262. ----: An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess; containing 100 Examples of Games...Philidor's Analysis...Selections from Stamma, the Calabrois &c...Caissa: A Poem, by Sir William Jones; The Morals of Chess by Dr.Franklin.

Printed for Baldwin, Cradock & Joy... 1816. New Edn. Contemporary half leather, recently rebacked, spine gilt with title-label, good copy. pp (viii), 254. Without the engraved plate as often found. Whyld 1816:1. LN 612. 80.00

5316. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: ALEKHINE (A.): Chess Duels 1893-1920. 260 games annotated by Alexander Alekhine. Researched by Vlastimil Fiala, translated and edited by Ken Neat.

Moravian Chess 2017. New hardback. 452 pp. "In the years before he left Russia he developed his skill by annotating numerous games, not just his own, for newspapers, magazines and tournament books. Here, for the first time, this complete set of annotations is published, making it an invaluable addition to chess development and history." Translator's notes and indexes of sources, Alekhine's opponents (139 games), other games, and openings complete the work. (A.) 30.00

2731. 1851 LONDON. Staunton (H.): The Chess Tournament. A Collection of the Games Played at this Celebrated Assemblage.

Bell & Daldy, 1873. (Reprint of 1852 1st Edn.) Original red cloth, gilt, spine slightly faded, old chess club stamps on endpapers. Good copy. Half-title, pp lxxxviii ,377, adverts. Numerous games with brief notes, and much on the organization and running of the tournament. An excellent account of the first International chess tournament, and considerably scarcer than Staunton's other works. LN 5180. 110.00

1410. 1862 LONDON. Lowenthal (J.): The Chess Congress of 1862. A Collection of the Games Played and a Selection of the Problems Sent in for Competition....Memoir of the British Chess Association by G.W.Medley.

Henry G.Bohn, 1864. First Edition. Original red patterned cloth, edges a bit rubbed, covers a little marked, but a good tight copy. Frontispiece, pp xcvi, 536, including 200 games and 296 problems. A scarce and detailed account of the 1862 London tournament as well as other British Chess Association Meetings since 1841. 1.Anderssen 2.Paulson 3.Owen. LN 5188. The scarce first edition. 180.00

5320. 1886 STEINITZ - ZUKERTORT. E.Schallopp: Der Schachwettkampf.

Leipzig 1886. Facsimile reprint by Erich Munster, Nurnberg n.d.(1980's?) p/b, red printed covers, stained on edges o/w G. 48pp., adverts. Steinitz won 12.5-7.5. 12.00

768. 1887 FRANKFURT. Bardeleben, Gottschall & Mieses: Der Funfte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes, Frankfurt A.M.1887.

Veit, Leipzig 1889. 1st Edn. Bound in later plain black cloth, original front wrapper bound in. G. pp (iv), 288. 228 games (201 in the main tournament). LN 5223. Includes a presentation inscription to Capt George H.Mackenzie, New Orleans 1889. 1.Mackenzie 2-3 Blackburne, Weiss. An outstanding performance by George H.Mackenzie in a tournament including Tarrasch, Zukertort, Paulsen, Gunsberg, Burn, Bardeleben. 80.00

4379. 1894 LEIPZIG. Ed: K.Whyld: Leipzig 1894 (9th Congress of Deutscher Schachbund) with Annotations by Dr.S.Tarrasch and others.

Chess Player 1982. p/b. G. 64pp. 153 games, some with informator-style notes, 3pp introduction. 1 Tarrasch 2 Lipke 3 Teichmann. Scarce item. (A.) Whyld states that Max Lange lost the game scores. They came into the hands of Max Blumich, then Heinrich Wagner, from whom Whyld obtained them to publish for the first time! 16.00

980. 1898 VIENNA. Fahndrich (H.) , Halprin & Marco: Internationales Kaiser-Jubilaums-Schachturnier Wien 1898.

Wien (1898). 1st Edn. Roy8vo, contemporary half leather, green cloth covers, gilt lettering, spine a bit rubbed, cover scuffed, still a handsome copy. pp xix,351. 354 games. 1.Tarrasch (after play-off) 2.Pillsbury 3.Janowski. A 19 player double-round tournament with all the leading players except Lasker, 38 rounds in all! LN 5250. 120.00

2440. 1899 LONDON: The Book of the London International Chess Congress.

Longmans Green & Co. 1900. 1st Edn. Roy8vo (17 x 26cm), original olive-green buckram, gilt, top joint repaired, new endpapers, a good copy. pp lii, 232. 202 games. 1.Lasker 2-4 Janowsky, Maroczy, Pillsbury. A fine tournament book. Only 500 Copies Printed. LN 5253. 180.00

1675. 1907 OSTEND. Dr.Tarrasch: Das Champion-Turnier zu Ostende im Jahre 1907.

BCM Classic Reprint, 1975. p/b. VG. 136pp. 60 annotated games. 1 Tarrasch 2 Schlecter 3 -4 Janowski, Marshall. 10.00

547. 1911 SAN SEBASTIAN. Mieses (J.) & Dr.M.Lewitt: Internationales Schachturnier zu San Sebastian 1911.

Leipzig 1919. 2nd Edn. Original cloth, spine rebacked with original laid down, covers discoloured, paper yellowed as usual. 2 plates, 162pp. 105 games. 1.Capablanca 2-3 Rubinstein, Vidmar. LN 5305. 35.00

90. 1912 SAN SEBASTIAN. Mieses (J.) & Dr.M.Lewitt.: II.Internationales Schachturnier zu San Sebastian 1912.

Leipzig 1920. 2nd Edn. Recent two-tone brown cloth. VG. 148pp. 100 games. 1.Rubinstein 2-3 Nimzowitsch, Spielmann. LN 5313. 35.00

742. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG.: The Grand International Masters' Chess Tournament at St.Petersburg 1914.

Printing Craft & Frank Hollings, 1914. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, G. Frontispiece portrait, 80pp. All 75 games, with some notes to each. 1.Lasker 2.Capablanca 3.Alekhine. LN 5319. 40.00

1150. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG. Tarrasch (S.): Das Grossmeisterturnier zu St.Petersburg im Jahre 1914.

Edition Olms 1989. F, d/w. 3 photos, pp xxiv.192. 75 annotated games. One of the greatest tournaments in chess history. 1.Lasker 2. Capablanca 3.Alekhine. 18.00

865. 1916 NEW YORK. Sergeant (P.W.): The Rice Memorial Chess Tournament New York, 1916.

BCM Classic Reprints No.8. 1968. p/b. VG. 112pp. 1.Capablanca 2.Janowski. 12.00

869. 1921 THE HAGUE. Kagan (B.): Erstes Internationales Schachmeister-Turnier im Haag.

Berlin (1921). 1st Edn. p/b, without front wrapper, spine worn, paper yellowed. 100pp. 45 games. 8pp of photos. LN 5339. 1.Alekhine 2.Tartakower 3.Rubinstein. (20 year old Euwe came 9th/10.) 25.00

357. 1923 KARLSBAD. Kagan (B.): III.Internationales Schachturnier in Karlsbad.

Berlin (1923). 1st Edn. Original cloth-backed boards, spine rubbed, lettering faded o/w G. 4 plates of photos, 198pp. 153 games. Hand-written openings index on front endpapers. 1-3 Alekhine, Bogoljubow, Maroczy. From the library of Lothar Schmid. 40.00

1758. 1923 MAHRISCH-OSTRAU. B.Kagan: Internationales Schachmeister-Turnier.

BCM Classic Reprint No.19 (1978.) Hardback, VG. 108pp. 91 games, most with brief notes by Teichmann and Bardeleben, 1 plate of the players. 1 Lasker 2 Reti 3 Grunfeld. 15.00

1117. 1923-24 HASTINGS. Maroczy (G.): A Hastings-I Nemzetkozi Sakkverseny.

Kecskemet 1924. Bound in plain green cloth, original front wrapper bound in (edges torn and frayed), paper yellowed. 56pp., plate, 51 games. 1.Euwe 2.Maroczy. Fragile and scarce work. No English tournament book was produced. LN 5363. 50.00

551. 1926 SEMMERING.: Internationales Schachmeisterturnier. Anmerkungen von Aljechin, Becker, Nimzowitsch, Reti &c.

Lachaga, Argentina, 1969. p/b, spine yellowed, G. 94pp. 153 games. 1.Spielmann 2.Alekhine 3.Vidmar. A very strong tournament. Includes short biography and playing record of Spielmann. Limited to 240 copies. 14.00

817. 1928 BAD KISSINGEN. Tartakower (Dr.S.G.): Das Grosse Internationale Schachmeisterturnier in Bad Kissingen.

BCM Classic Reprint No.21, (1982). VG facsimile p/b. 179pp., 5pp photos, 66 annotated games, opening theory. 1.Bogoljubow 2 Capablanca 3-4 Rubinstein, Euwe. 12.00

93. 1931 BLED. Mueller (H.): Das Internationale Turnier Veldes 1931.

Wien 1932. 1st Edn. Original orange card covers, insect damage causing mainly tiny pin holes through the book. Several previous owner inscriptions. (106)pp. 182 games. 1 Alekhine (by 5.5pts!) 2 Bogoljubow 3 Nimzowitsch. LN 5444. 15.00

662. 1936 AMSTERDAM. Fine (R.): Amsterdam Chess Congress 1936.

Chess Enterprises, US, 1980. Corrected edition of the Cordingly 1937 edn. G. p/b. 71pp. 28 games annotated by Fine. (A.) 1-2 Euwe, Fine 3.Alekhine. 12.00

5323. 1946 GRONINGEN. Euwe (M.) & H.Kmoch.: Het Staunton wereldschaaktournooi.

Groningen 1947. Edition Olms Reprint 1990. VG,d/w. 382pp., photos, 190 annotated games. The first big post-war tournament, with 20 players. 1 Botvinnik 2 Euwe 3 Smyslov. An impressive tournament book. 24.00

663. 1946 LONDON. Cordingley (E.G.R.) Ed: London Chess Congress 1946.

Limited Edition of Tournament Books Number 16. 1946. 4to, blue cloth, a bit spotted o/w G. 92 typescript pages, 132 games, most with notes. Limited Edition of 270 copies. Section A 1.H.Steiner. Section B 1.Euwe. LN 5686. 40.00

1413. 1946 MOSCOW v PRAGUE.: Chess Match.

Chess SC, 1946. p/b, G. 60pp. 72 games. Moscow won 51.5 - 20.5. (A.) (The first half of the match was played in Prague, the second in Moscow.) 8.00

1798. 1947 MOSCOW. (Chigorin Memorial.) Chalupetsky & Florian: Internationales Tschigorin Gedenkturnier.

Kecskemet, (1948.) 1st Edn. Original wrappers, slight wear to spine o/w G. 79pp. 120 games with a few notes. 1.Botvinnik 2.Ragozin 3-4 Boleslavsky, Smyslov. LN 5715. 18.00

180. 1948 SALTSJOBADEN. Stahlberg (G.): Interzonala Schackturneringen.

Orebro 1949. Original cloth-backed blue boards, some patchy fading, covered with plastic o/w G, inside VG. 359pp, photos, 190 games. A good book of the first Interzonal tournament, with 20 players. 1 Bronstein 2 Szabo. 28.00

1105. 1948-49 HASTINGS. H.Golombek & W.Ritson Morry.: Hastings Chess Tournament.

"En Passant" Chess Publication, Birmingham, 1949. Original wrappers, cover crease and wear o/w G. 32pp. 50 games, some annotated. Some pencil marks. 1.Rossolimo 2.Konig. LN 5764. 10.00

1181. 1949 MOSCOW (17th USSR Ch.): XVII pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow, 1952. Original cloth-backed boards,VG. 315pp. 190 games. 1-2 Smyslov, Bronstein 3-4 Geller, Taimanov. LN 5775. SIGNED BY BRONSTEIN IN RUSSIAN ON TITLE-PAGE. 55.00

546. 1952 HELSINIKI. Muller (H.): Die Schacholympiade in Helsinki 1952. Die Schonsten Partien. Theoretische Streiflichter. Interessante Kampfbilder.

Globus, Wien 1953. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 120pp., plate, 50 selected annotated games. 16.00

5324. 1953 NEUHAUSEN / ZURICH. (Candidate Tournament.) M.Euwe: Schach-Elite im Kampf.

Artemis verlag Zurich, 1954. Edition Olms reprint 1986. F,d/w. 380pp., plates, 210 games, many annotated by Euwe, opening survey by Keres. 1.Smyslov 2-4 Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky. (28 rounds!) 24.00

2539. 1953 NEUHAUSEN/ZURICH. Annotations by D.Hooper & W.Winter: World Championship Candidates Tournament.

Printed & Published by K.Whyld, Nottingham, 1953. 4to, original card covers, spiral bound, yellowed, chess club stamp and name on title-page. G. (iv), 96pp.,errata slip. 210 games. The text is type-duplicated. LN 5871. A 30 round tournament won by Smyslov. Scarce item. 24.00

480. 1953 NEUHAUSEN/ZURICH. Wood (B.H.) Ed: The World Championship Candidates' Tournament.

Chess SC 1953-54. Original blue cloth, covers a little soiled o/w G. pp 329,(4), photos. 210 annotated games. Includes Openings Survey by Barden and Openings Index. LN 5872. A 30 round tournament won by Smyslov, 2-4 Bronstein, Keres, Reshevsky.. 15.00

1521. 1955 USSR v Hungary: .

Chess SC, 1955. p/b. VG. 24pp. 32 games. (A.) USSR won 20-12. 6.00

1258. 1957 MOSCOW. P.H.Clarke: 24th USSR Chess Championship.

BCM Quarterly No.1 (1957). p/b, VG. 120pp. 231 games, some annotated. 1.Tal 2-3 Bronstein, Keres. 22 players, 21 rounds over 1 month! (A.) 22.00

1663. 1957 VIENNA (First European Team Tournament). V.Pirc: Die Finalkampfe um die Europamannschafts-meisterschaft im Schach.

Wiener Schachverlag (1957.) p/b, with plastic covering. G. 56pp. 120 games, some annotated by Pirc. Double round 10 board team tournament, 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Czechoslovakia 4 W.Germany. 16.00

2462. 1960 BOTVINNIK-TAL. M.Tal: (Match book in Russian.)

Riga 1961. Hardback, blue cloth-backed boards, protected with laminated plastic, G. 224pp. The 21 games annotated in detail by Tal, who won 12.5-8.5. Includes clock-times after each move. 14.00

4283. 1961 TAL-BOTVINNIK: Tal-Botvinnik II Match.

A.Kalnajs, Chicago 1969. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 95pp. Introduction, 21 annotated games. Botvinnik won 13 - 8. Seems to be the first English language book on this return match. 14.00

4538. 1971 BERLIN + 1971 VARNA: .

The Chess Player, Vol.1 No.4. Nov.1971. p/b. G. Photos. Includes all the games from the two tournaments plus Fischer-Petrosian match, and a few others. 239 games in all with Informator-style notes. (A.) 8.00

483. 1972 SKOPJE. Matanovic (A.): Chess Olympiad Skopje 1972.

Beograd 1972. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w. 214pp., many photos, over 300 games. (A.) 12.00

101. 1974 NICE. Keene & Levy: Chess Olympiad Nice 1974. World Team Championship.

Batsford 1975. 1st. VG,d/w. 200pp. 123 games, many annotated, results tables. 12.00

5337. Averbakh (Y.) & others: Comprehensive Chess Endings. Vol.1-5 COMPLETE SET. 1.Bishop Endings. Knight Endings. 2.Bishop v Knight, Rook v Minor Piece 3.Queen & Pawn, Q v Rook, Q v Minor Pieces. 4.Pawn Endings. 5.Rook Endings.

Ishi Press International, NY 2012-13. Reprint of Pergamon Edn. Translated from the second Russian edn. 5 vols, large size p/b's, Fine. Includes many examples from studies. (A.) The standard works on the endgame, which can be used as reference works or teaching aids. 75.00

3077. Avery (B.D.): Correspondence Chess in America.

McFarland, US 2012. Repr. p/b edition. F. 287pp. 233 games, some annotated. A detailed chronological account. (A.) 27.00

825. BOTVINNIK (M.): Half a Century of Chess.

Pergamon, 1984. 1st English Edn. Large p/b, cover corner crease o/w G. 278pp. 90 annotated games from 1925 to 1966. Includes his impressions of the chess and human aspects of his opponents, as well as typical episodes from tournament life. (A.) 18.00

3510. BURN. R.Forster: Amos Burn. A Chess Biography. Foreword by Victor Korchnoi.

McFarland, US 2014. Repr. In 2 volumes, large soft back. F. 972pp., illustrations, biography, playing record, bibliography, various indexes, 901 annotated games. A monumental work, one of the largest books of chess biography. 35.00

5317. Di Felice (G.): Chess Competitions 1824 - 1970: An Annotated International Bibliography of Books, Bulletins, and Programs.

Moravian Chess 2014. New hardback. 554pp. The bibliography is divided into five parts, part one is devoted to individual tournaments, part two to individual matches, part three to team tournaments, part four to team matches and part five is devoted to correspondence competitions. The book is completed by a list of sources and a general index of competitions. 36.00

5335. EG (Endgame study periodical): Ed: John Roycroft.

London, June 1978 - Nov 1987. No.51 (Vol.4) to 102 pt 2 (Vol.6). 50 issues, stapled booklets, VG. pp 492, 544, 400+. Contains hundreds of studies. Note: Lacking issue no.84. No.102 pt 2 was the last produced by John Roycroft. It was then continued by the Dutch endgame study group ARVES. 60.00

722. Hochberg (B.) Ed: The 64-Square Looking Glass. The Great Game of Chess in World Literature.

Times Books, US 1993. 1st Edn. F, d/w. 352pp. A comprehensive anthology of chess belles lettres. Includes excerpts from most of the famous literary works on chess or including chess in them. 20.00

3754. Hurst (Sarah): Curse of Kirsan. Adventures in the Chess Underworld. Foreword by Ken Whyld.

Russell, US 2002. 1st. VG. p/b. 285pp.,illus. Includes much insight and anecdotes on the British chess scene, interviews, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the darker side of chess politics, Alekhine, chess in Hungary, and much more. 12.00

2109. Knight (N.): Chess Pieces. An Anthology in Prose and Verse.

Sampson Low, 1949. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (slightly torn on top edge). 315pp. 343 different pieces in all, plus index. Inscribed on inside jacket "W.M.Mitchell with best wishes B H Wood Christmas 1952." 16.00

245. Lasker (Emanuel.): Common Sense in Chess.

Bellairs & Co., London & Berlin 1896. 1st Edition of his first chess book. Contemporary black half leather, edges rubbed o/w G. pp 141. Occasional foxing to pages. A scarce item. LN 1118. "Lasker's best work, a fine example of his pragmatic genius." (Golombek.) 50.00

2847. POLUGAEVSKY (L.): Grandmaster Achievement. (Previously titled Grandmaster Preparation.) Trans & Ed: K.Neat.

Cadogan 1994. (New Revised Edn.) Large p/b. VG. 223pp. (A.) Describes his highly personal approach to chess, with many games deeply annotated, and a large section on the development of his favourite Sicilian defence variation. 15.00

1487. Rogers (D.J.): British Correspondence Chess Association 1906-1981. The Official History of the First 75 Years.

BCCA 1982. p/b. G. 98pp. Includes 15 annotated games. 8.00

192. Schuyer (E.H.): Het Schaakspel in de Kunst en Cultuurhistorie.

Bussum,Netherlands,1968. 1st Edn. Pictorial card covers, chipped at top of spine o/w VG. 88pp., many plates of chessmen, paintings and prints not seen in other works. 15.00

5336. Shakhmatny Bulletin.: Volume 1. Nos.1-12. 1955.

Facsimile reprint by The Chess Player, 1983. Large format (21 x 30cm), glue bound but without covers. 384pp. The original magazine is scarce as the print run was only 1000 copies. This facsimile edition has less than 200 copies. 35.00

3214. SHIPLEY. J.S.Hilbert: Walter Penn Shipley. Philadelphia's Friend of Chess.

McFarland, US 2012. Repr. Large p/b. F. 442pp, photos, approx 250 games, most annotated, detailed biography of a leading US chess patron and organizer (1860-1942.) Shipley was crucial to the development of chess in the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was a talented player and friend of world champions and contenders. (A.) 30.00

240. Young (F.K.) & E.C.Howell.: The Minor Tactics of Chess. A Treatise on the Deployment of the Forces in Obedience to Strategic Principle.

Chatto & Windus 1910. New impression (but same as 1895 1st Edn.) Small 8vo, original brown cloth, binding slightly warped o/w G. Frontispiece, pp 221. One index page with two tears. 9.00