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975. Behrends (R.): Kunstlerische Schachfiguren aus zehn Jahrhunderten.

Insel verlag, Leipzig 1963. Pictorial boards. VG. 67pp., including 45 plates of chesspieces. 30.00

2612. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Games including property from the Ernst Boehlen Collection.

26 Oct.2004. Sale catalogue, cover split on spine o/w VG. 58pp., 241 lots with estimates and price list. Includes some books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. 12.00

4250. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games.

23 Oct 2006. Sale catalogue. 91pp., 285 lots with estimates and price list. Includes 46 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. 18.00

3366. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games.

3 Nov.2005. Sale catalogue. 85pp., 300 lots with estimates and price list. Includes 97 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. 15.00

3724. Bloomsbury Auctions Collectors Sale: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games. Lots 233 to 469. (Also includes Fountain Pens, Medals, Shares, Banknotes & Coins to Lot 1007.)

25 Sept 2007. Large sale catalogue. VG. 141pp., with lot descriptions, estimates and price list. Includes 32 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated in colour. A nice catalogue. 15.00

4769. Dean (G.) & M.Brady: Chess Masterpieces. One Thousand Years of Extraordinary Chess Sets.

Abrams, US 2010. Large hardback, F,d/w. 272 pages, numerous coloured illustrations of chess sets throughout the ages, many from George Dean's huge collection. A superb book, one of the best published in this field. 30.00

4432. Deasey (Mick) & Guy Lyons: The British Chess Company, Stroud and London.

2010. CD book (not a printed book). 64 pages. Contents include: History of the Company, their various chessmen (Royal, Staunton, Xylonite etc), boxes, patterns & pieces, chess boards, books & publications, price guide etc. With numerous illustrations, many coloured and in great close up detail of the pieces, pages from old publications etc. The British Chess Company was a small enigmatic business which started around 1890 and continued for just about 15 years but in this short time had established a legacy of high quality, interesting and collectible chess sets. "A great deal of effort has gone into the preparation of this first rate work. An important aspect of the disk is the clarity of the illustrations and the reproduction of contemporary prints and adverts. In particular is the excellent quality of the photos illustrating the variety and quality of the BCC chessmen." (Gareth Williams review.) 20.00

149. Dennis (J.M.) & C.K.Wilkinson.: Chess: East and West, Past and Present. A Selection from the Gustavus A.Pfeiffer Collection (of Chessmen.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, 1968. (Reissue by H.Abrams). Square hardback, near Fine, d/w. Introduction on history of chess, illustrations and descriptions of 108 chess sets, many in colour. (Also: p/b copy, little wear to spine o/w G. 18.00) 28.00

503. Finkenzeller (R.), W.Ziehr & E.M.Buhrer: Chess. A Celebration of 2000 Years.

Mackenzie, 1990. 1st English Edn. Large format (9.5 x12in.) VG, d/w. 208pp., numerous illustrations, many large and coloured. An impressive work on all aspects of chess, particularly chess sets, history, art. 25.00

4214. Gizycki (J.): Schach zu Allen Zeiten.

Stauffacher Verlag, Zurich 1967. Large thick hardback, 21 x 27.5cm., VG,d/w (small tear top of spine), with card slipcase. 391pp., many illustrations, including colour plates. First published in Polish in 1960. This First German edition with new chapter on German chess history. Includes sections on chess and art, in poetry & prose, mathematics, famous people who played chess etc... 25.00

9. Golombek (H.): A History of Chess.

Routledge 1976. 1st Edn. Large format, G (no d/w). 256pp., numerous illustrations, some coloured. 8.00

285. Graham (F.L.): Chess Sets.

Studio Vista 1968. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 84pp., many illus. Includes large section on modern sets. 14.00

11. Greygoose (F.): Chessmen.

David & Charles,1979. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 160pp. 183 illustrations, many in colour. 18.00

258. Hammond (A.): The Book of Chessmen.

A.Barker 1950. 1st Edn. 4to. VG,d/w (a little marked). 160pp including 61 plates. By the renowned London dealer and collector who helped in the building of some famous chess set collections. 30.00

732. Katz (E.): History of Chessmen.

Hugh Evelyn Ltd.,1963. 1st Edn. p/b, glazed photo cover, VG. 38pp on the history of chess, 23 plates illustrating 42 chess sets. Scarce, and appears to have been published privately. 40.00

1425. Keats (V.): The Illustrated Guide to World Chess Sets.

St.Martin's Press, NY 1985. 1st Edn. Large format, VG, d/w (slightly chipped on corners), ink stamp on endpaper. 240pp. Numerous illustrations including coloured plates. Thirteen chapters on different countries, plus modern sets, literature & art, appendix, bibliography. A fine and sought-after work on the subject. 60.00

502. Liddell (D.M.): Chessmen.

White Lion, 1976. A facsimile reprint of the 1st Edition. VG, d/w (small nick on spine). 171pp. Many plates illustrating chess sets. 25.00

21. Mackett-Beeson (A.E.J.): Chessmen.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson,1968. 1st Edn. 4to. 120pp., many illustrations, some coloured. VG. 14.00

20. Mackett-Beeson (A.E.J.): Chessmen.

Octopus, 1973. A reprint of the 1968 edition in slightly larger format. 4to. 97pp., numerous illustrations, many coloured. VG,d/w. 9.00

3005. Phillips Auctioneers: Chess Sets and Related Items.

13 May 1996. Sale catalogue, VG. 49pp., illustrations, 186 lots with estimates, including 23 book lots. 10.00

26. Saidy (A.) & N.Lessing.: The World of Chess.

Ridge Press/Collins, 1974. 1st Edn. Large format. VG, d/w. 252pp., "beautifully illustrated with more than 200 paintings, prints, and photographs, many never before published, and 72 pages in full colour." 15.00

3305. Schafroth (C.): The Art of Chess.

Harry N.Abrams, NY 2002. Large square hardback, VG. 176pp., illustrated throughout in colour with chess pieces and sets through history, a few paintings and prints from books. The author draws upon worldwide collections to tell the story of the evolution of chess pieces. 15.00